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Signs You Should Be Single

You’re always in a relationship. This is a big one for me. I’ve dated someone who was literally ALWAYS in a relationship.  Immediately before he and I started dating, he was in a relationship, immediately after me he started dating someone and the same after her.  I think at that point, you SHOULD be single.  You need time to yourself, to figure out who you are and what it is that you will and will not tolerate in your next relationship.  Figure out what you’re looking for in a mate and why your previous relationships were not working. You’re still not…

Top 10 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Are you single on this Valentine’s Day and need something to do? Below are a couple of movies to catch up by yourself or with your girlfriends: Eat, Pray, Love Bridesmaid Girls Trip Rough Night How to Be Single Think Like a Man, Act Like a Woman I Hate Valentine’s Day He’s Just Not That Into You John Tucker Must Die Swingers

Why Am I Single?

A lot of my friends have either been with their significant other for quite sometime now or are getting into serious relationships, but me, well urm, I’m just chilling you know until somebody randomly falls into my lap (also known as, being forever alone, lol) Often times when I start talking to a new guy,…