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Day 14 of Self Love Challenge

My younger self would be proud of myself for not giving up when times get rough.  I kept going no matter how hard times got and made a way! My success story will bomb as fuck someday. What would your younger self be of you for today? xoxo Jas ❤

Day 13 of Self Love Challenge

I’ve been on my no makeup kick for most of 2018 and I kind of feel like my skin looks nice but sometimes I just don’t feel pretty without it on.  As you can see, I used a filter to I guess hide how I feel on the outside without the make-up on. Send me selfies and I’ll post on our IG!! Follow us: lipglossandchampagne xoxo Jas ❤

Day 12 of Self Love Challenge

Family Friends Having a career that I love Knowing that I have yet to accomplish everything I want to in life Knowing that there is somebody out there who looks up to me What are some things that make you feel happy to be alive? xoxo Jas ❤

Day 11 of Self Love Challenge

I would describe myself as someone who is genuinely nice and kind.  I always look for the good in people and do right by everyone no matter how bad they treat me.  I am a fairly easy-going person and am wiling to help anyone if I am able to help at anytime! How would you describe yourself in a loving way to a stranger? Comment below or e-mail us at lipglossandchampagne@outlook.com xoxo Jas ❤

Day 10 of Self Love Challenge

Learning how to mean what I say and say what I mean. A lot of times, I don’t speak up for myself or if I say something I go back on it and end up doing the opposite of what I said.  Putting my foot down and meaning business, will set a lot of boundaries that I need in my life in motion. How can you set some boundaries in your life? Comment below or e-mail us at lipglossandchampagne@outlook.com xoxo Jas ❤

Day 9 of Self Love Challenge

Fear! Fear of failure, fear of taking chances, fear of the what ifs, just plain ol fear.  Fear stops me from doing a lot of things and to realize that if I live in fear for the rest of my life, I will never do the things that I set out and want to do. What’s something in your life that you need to get rid of? Comment below or e-mail us at lipglossandchampagne@outlook.com xoxo Jas ❤

Day 8 of Self Love Challenge

My experience in Corporate America.  As much as I don’t want to be in Corporate America, I realize that I am here.  I am currently at a coordinator level and I need to realize that a year or two under my belt looks good until I can go to the next level of Specialist or Manager role.  I am in such a rush, that I tend to overstep and apply for jobs that I don’t qualify for yet in hopes that maybe the company will see something on my resume that stands out to them. Where do you need to…

Day 7 of Self Love Challenge

The thing that hate and LOVE about my body is that I don’t have hips, instead I have dents or dimples or whatever people call them in my hips!  I love that I am truly a genuinely nice person as far as my personality goes and I don’t let things bother me or get me upset often.  I will turn the other chick or brush it off when people are arguing.  Life is too short and somethings are not worth it. What do you love about your body and personality? xoxo Jas<3