Top 10 Songs of the Week #JasTunes

  1. H.E.R. x Pigment
  2. Xavier Omar x Running Round
  3. Blaq Tuxedo x Committed
  4. Miguel x Pineapple Skies
  5. 6LACK x First Fuck
  6. Brent Faiyaz x Insecure
  7. dvsn x Think About Me
  8. Maxine Aashley x Glory Box
  9. Ro James x GA$
  10. Chris Brown x Lost and Found

Artist Spotlight: Daniel Caesar


So, I will be the first to admit.  I had no idea who the heck Daniel Caesar was until he performed with Chance the Rapper on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Even then, I still didn’t immediately go listen to his music.  However HeyFranHey recently made a playlist called the Cool Breeze on Spotify which is dope btw, that led me to her Hidden Gems playlist.  The first song on the playlist is Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis – Get You and I immediately fell in love with the song.  And again, I still didn’t immediately go listen to the rest of his music.  A couple of days later, I was listening to the Xavier Omar radio on Pandora and Daniel Caesar ft. Syd – Take Me Away and again, I fell in love with the song.  After this song, I was like okay, just maybe I need to listen to his album and LET ME TELL Y’ALL: I have been sleeping my mans.  On my drive to work this morning, I listened to the album Freudian and Daniel Caesar is IT.  Below are a couple of my favorite songs from the album:

  1. Get You
  2. Take Me Away
  3. Neu Roses
  4. We Find Love
  5. Blessed
  6. Freudian

What are your favorite songs from the album?