Man Crush Monday


In light of recent news, I wanted to make this week’s Man Crush Monday none other than Aubrey Drake Graham. I knew I had a crush on Aubrey since Degrassi and Replacement Girl days.  I remember like it was yesterday when I first discovered the song Replacement Girl, thinking damn who is this fine light-skin? To only realize it was none other than Aubrey Drake Graham from Degrassi. I also did not realize how much I actually LOVED this man until I found some old tweets of mine where I professed my love for him. In September of 2010, I tweeted “ahhh drake = <3.” The same month and year, just a couple of days later, I tweeted, “#aintnothingsexyabout Drake’s eyebrows …i still love the bit tho.” First and foremost, I love Drake’s eyebrows now, idk something sexy about a man with bushy eyebrows, secondly, who was I “bit”? Hahaha. In December of 2010, I tweeted, “dammmmnnnnnnn drake fine ass.” I have no idea what I was watching and/or doing to tweet this, but Lord knows, my young self knew what I was talking about though, LOL. I didn’t find another tweet of me professing my love for the man until August of 2011 where I tweeted, “#20peopleidmarry 6.) Drake.” Another more recent tweet from 2012, I tweeted, “Aubrey Drake Graam! along with blushing, kissy faces, heart eyes, and heart emojis.” I think it’s safe to say your girls celebrity crush was definitely Drake.  I think my crush on Drake so profound that my first boyfriend in college, could damn near go for a Drake look alike.

Anyway, fast forward to today, I still do believe that Aubrey is a fine man, however it’s different.  It’s not a crush, but more so of a I have respect for this man and his art.  He went from Jimmy in the Wheelchair, to Drake, the top artist dominating the charts. Whether y’all like this man or not, you can’t help but realize that he makes bops, he fan base is HUGE, damn near bigger than Beyonce’s and he is definitely easy on the eye still.

I’m also patiently, impatiently waiting for my guy to drop Scorpion and to say something, because he been GHOST af since this unnecessary Pusha T beef.

Also, a dream of mine is to be Head of Social Media for OVO or on his PR Team. A girl can only dream right?


Jas ❤

Man Crush Monday

Are you #TeamLawerence or #TeamIssa? At the end of Insecure Season 1, I had a new found love for Jay R. Ellis.  I don’t know if it was because I felt like I could relate to his pain in the show and I just wanted to give him a hug and some of my good loving after what my girl Issa did or if it’s that pretty smile that he has?

Anywho, all I know is that after watching Insecure and following him on IG and Twitter and seeing how genuine he is, he’s definitely earned a spot for our Man Crush Monday post.


Jas ❤

Man Crush Monday

This week’s Man Crush Monday is none other than Chance the Rapper.  I personally fell in love with him October of last year.  One of my line sisters came out to Los Angeles to visit me and we had tickets to a concert that he was going to be at.  I wanted to make sure that I knew some of his songs when he came out on day, but I didn’t only listen to The Coloring Book, I listed to Acid Rap, and #10Day.  I also began looking him up and into his life and I just fell in love with the person that he was.

He was so attractive to me in all aspects.  Chance just seems like a genuinely nice person with a good heart and as if he has a lot of charisma.  Like as soon as he walks into the room, he just steals the spotlight from everyone.  Chance is very vocal about his belief in God and the rights of the community.  I mean this guy has donated a million days to the Chicago Public Schools! Who wouldn’t love this guy?


Jas ❤

Man Crush Monday: Kofi Siriboe

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I had heard the name Kofi Siriboe before, but I had never seen a picture of him nor did I know what he was famous for before Essence Festival.  All I kept hearing was “Kofi Siriboe is so fine,” or “Queen Sugar this, Queen Sugar that.” And all I kept thinking was, “What the heck is a Queen Sugar, sounds like a stripper name to me.” I think my friend talked about him so much that I took it upon myself to look him and figure out just who this young man is and boy, am I glad I did.

He is a very handsome and chocolate man.  I literally looked at his picture and could taste a Hershey kisses, isn’t that crazy? LOL.  He is known as Ralph Angel from the Oprah Winfrey drama series, Queen Sugar.  He is from Los Angeles, CA and is of Ghanaian descent (major win, as I have been saying for a while that the man I am supposed to marry is of an African descent).  His birthday is March 2, 1994 (pisces like me and only a year younger, okay he’s getting even more points with me).

After researching him and finding out all these wonderful things, I think I may just have to occasionally slide in his DMs and tweet him in hopes that he notices me. HAHA!


– Jas ❤

Discussion Monday

How many times does it take for you to stay over a guys place and he doesn’t try anything, for you to look at him weird?

I saw this question a while back on Instagram and thought it’d be a good topic for Discussion Monday.  There are so man different ways to answer this question.  I actually ended up asking a couple of people this question and we all had relatively the same answers.

The true answer to this question, depends on the level of the relationship, the guy you’re talking too, and his personality and the setting that you guys are in.

Out of four of us that was included in this conversation, 3 of us said that by the third time we’re starting to look at the guy weird and one of us said by the 5th time we’re starting to look at the guy weird.

We also came up with  three possible reasons why he hasn’t tried you yet:

  1. He’s being respectful.

There are a lot of guys who will try you the first time you stay over or some guys who will try you the second or maybe the third time you stay over just to give you some time to get comfortable with him and his place, but then there are those guys who just will not try you at all no matter how many times you go over.  Maybe it’s because he respects you and wants to wait it out until you guys are in a relationship or at that point in your situationship where you can take it to that next level.

When it comes to respect, it depends on how much you thow at the guy.  He’s probably gonna try you regardless, but if a girl makes it clear that’s not what she wants, it would take him a while to try again, if he really respects her.

2. He’s gay

We all unanimously came to a number if he doesn’t try you by the third time y’all hang out.

The first 3 times would seem okay, but more than that I’d be asking if he was gay

This guy I was talking too, stayed at my house like three times and slept on the couch and after that last time he slept in my bed and didn’t try me but I looked at him weird because I was like how you stay at a female house and not try her, not even on a sexual level, but try me.

Depending on the guy, because after a while I’m like you gay MFer.

3.  He’s nervous

Or giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he’s nervous.  He doesn’t know what to do when it comes to sex because he’s a virgin or just not that experienced when it comes to sex.

Needless to say, there could be a few reasons why a man hasn’t tried you, but men should know that after the third time we stay together and/or just hang out and you don’t try us, we’re going to begin thinking something is wrong with you.