Man Crush Monday


In light of recent news, I wanted to make this week’s Man Crush Monday none other than Aubrey Drake Graham. I knew I had a crush on Aubrey since Degrassi and Replacement Girl days.  I remember like it was yesterday when I first discovered the song Replacement Girl, thinking damn who is this fine light-skin? To only realize it was none other than Aubrey Drake Graham from Degrassi. I also did not realize how much I actually LOVED this man until I found some old tweets of mine where I professed my love for him. In September of 2010, I tweeted “ahhh drake = <3.” The same month and year, just a couple of days later, I tweeted, “#aintnothingsexyabout Drake’s eyebrows …i still love the bit tho.” First and foremost, I love Drake’s eyebrows now, idk something sexy about a man with bushy eyebrows, secondly, who was I “bit”? Hahaha. In December of 2010, I tweeted, “dammmmnnnnnnn drake fine ass.” I have no idea what I was watching and/or doing to tweet this, but Lord knows, my young self knew what I was talking about though, LOL. I didn’t find another tweet of me professing my love for the man until August of 2011 where I tweeted, “#20peopleidmarry 6.) Drake.” Another more recent tweet from 2012, I tweeted, “Aubrey Drake Graam! along with blushing, kissy faces, heart eyes, and heart emojis.” I think it’s safe to say your girls celebrity crush was definitely Drake.  I think my crush on Drake so profound that my first boyfriend in college, could damn near go for a Drake look alike.

Anyway, fast forward to today, I still do believe that Aubrey is a fine man, however it’s different.  It’s not a crush, but more so of a I have respect for this man and his art.  He went from Jimmy in the Wheelchair, to Drake, the top artist dominating the charts. Whether y’all like this man or not, you can’t help but realize that he makes bops, he fan base is HUGE, damn near bigger than Beyonce’s and he is definitely easy on the eye still.

I’m also patiently, impatiently waiting for my guy to drop Scorpion and to say something, because he been GHOST af since this unnecessary Pusha T beef.

Also, a dream of mine is to be Head of Social Media for OVO or on his PR Team. A girl can only dream right?


Jas ❤

Man Crush Monday

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 1.10.36 AM

Woody McClain, Social Media Star turned Actor.  He is known for playing Bobby Brown in the New Edition Story and will be playing Bobby Brown in the upcoming Bobby Brown movie that is slated to be released in the fall. ARRRDDDNOW, so forgive me as I hadn’t watched The New Edition Story until two weeks ago, although the movie came out in January of 2017, but I must say Woody played the hell out of his role.  I never really payed any attention to any of the actors from the New Edition Story, well, I lied, I paid attention to Keith Powers but that’s only because he’s dating Ryan Destiny, somebody I admire, LOL.  However I noticed that the boys from NES all hung out and Keith would post on his IG story and Woody would be in them and I just started following him.  On both IG and Twitter.  He really just seems like a cool guy! I’ve watched a couple of his interviews and I find his path interesting! He started out dancing background for Chris Brown, started making IG skits, which landed him making videos acting out different Kevin Hart comedic stand ups to now acting in movies and TV Shows! Now… I know God has a person out there for everybody and my person may just be a celebrity, HOWEVER, I personally wouldn’t want to date a celebrity or anybody whose name holds weight, just a personal preference due to the lifestyle that comes with it, however Woody is somebody I feel like would be so down-to-earth to date. His personality and his ambition is all attractive to me. Every time he tweets or post something on his IG story, I’m always like “Damn bro, me too.  I feel the same exact way.” LOL