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Portuguese Black Beans and Rice

Going raw vegan has been a goal of mine for the past three months.  I went pescatarian for a full-month and out of nowhere, I randomly began craving Chic-fil-a and so, I went to Chic-fil-a and got a Chicken Sandwich meal along with an 8-count nugget!  So, I know if I tried to do vegan, I’d definitely randomly crave a steak and I don’t even eat steak. Because it is hard for me to go vegan, I decided to go vegan for a week and if I can make it a week, I’d continue going.  I ordered a Vegan Recipe…

I’m Okay with Not Getting Married

Back in February, I went home for my parents 50th birthday celebration.  While we were at the venue setting up, my father and I were talking about his eating habits and health.  He went on a rant about how he’s trying to overall live a healthier life as he wants to see his grandkids grow up and see me get married. It didn’t dawn on me until a couple of days later that my father is looking forward to seeing me get married, however I have come to the realization that I may not want to get married and I…

Lip Color of the Week

Lippie color of the week is NYX’s Liquid Suede Initiator.  I’ll be honest, I absolutely LOVE this color, use not on me! I think it’s too close to my skin tone and flushes me out a little bit.

How to Make Use of Your Time Commuting to and from Work

You’re sitting in your car, driving to and from work, and your life is passing you by.  You hate the commute, but you have to do it time and time again, “Well maybe I’ll get a job closer to home or a work from home job.” no, learn how to make use of your time commuting to and from work. A couple of months ago, I lived in Owensboro, KY and commuted an hour or so to Bowling Green, KY three out of five days a week and I had to figure out what to do in that time frame.…

Lip Color of the Week

This week’s lip color is NYX Liquid Suede Disruptive.  I was SO nervous to try this lip color because it was different and I didn’t think it would look right on me, however once I put it on, I absolutely loved this color on me! It looked amazing and can’t wait to wear it often!

How to Keep Motivation in the Gym

Let me guess, at the beginning of the year or at the end of 2017, you made a New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym more and on January 2nd you marched into your gym of choice and signed up for a membership.  The true test is, 3 months later, are you still in the gym? Or is that gym taking that monthly payment of your account for no reason or you canceled your membership on February 1st once you realized you in fact were not about that gym life? Normally, this is the part where I’d say me…

Lip Color of the Week

This week’s lippie of the week is by none other than NYX Wicked Lippie Trickery Supercherie.  I love this color because it’s a metallic greenish color and I honestly felt so fierce using this lip color.

Lip Color of the Week

As you all may or may not know, I love wearing different shades of lippies and I have over 30 different colors from all different brands! NYX recently had an in-app BOGO sale and I went a little overboard with my purchase.  The first color I tried was NYX Liquid Suede Industrial Paradise.  Looking at the tube, I thought it was going to be a lavender color, but once I began to put it on, I realized it was actually kind of like a baby blue color and I absolutely LOVED IT!