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Man Crush Monday


In light of recent news, I wanted to make this week’s Man Crush Monday none other than Aubrey Drake Graham. I knew I had a crush on Aubrey since Degrassi and Replacement Girl days.  I remember like it was yesterday when I first discovered the song Replacement Girl, thinking damn who is this fine light-skin? To only realize it was none other than Aubrey Drake Graham from Degrassi. I also did not realize how much I actually LOVED this man until I found some old tweets of mine where I professed my love for him. In September of 2010, I tweeted “ahhh drake = <3.” The same month and year, just a couple of days later, I tweeted, “#aintnothingsexyabout Drake’s eyebrows …i still love the bit tho.” First and foremost, I love Drake’s eyebrows now, idk something sexy about a man with bushy eyebrows, secondly, who was I “bit”? Hahaha. In December of 2010, I tweeted, “dammmmnnnnnnn drake fine ass.” I have no idea what I was watching and/or doing to tweet this, but Lord knows, my young self knew what I was talking about though, LOL. I didn’t find another tweet of me professing my love for the man until August of 2011 where I tweeted, “#20peopleidmarry 6.) Drake.” Another more recent tweet from 2012, I tweeted, “Aubrey Drake Graam! along with blushing, kissy faces, heart eyes, and heart emojis.” I think it’s safe to say your girls celebrity crush was definitely Drake.  I think my crush on Drake so profound that my first boyfriend in college, could damn near go for a Drake look alike.

Anyway, fast forward to today, I still do believe that Aubrey is a fine man, however it’s different.  It’s not a crush, but more so of a I have respect for this man and his art.  He went from Jimmy in the Wheelchair, to Drake, the top artist dominating the charts. Whether y’all like this man or not, you can’t help but realize that he makes bops, he fan base is HUGE, damn near bigger than Beyonce’s and he is definitely easy on the eye still.

I’m also patiently, impatiently waiting for my guy to drop Scorpion and to say something, because he been GHOST af since this unnecessary Pusha T beef.

Also, a dream of mine is to be Head of Social Media for OVO or on his PR Team. A girl can only dream right?


Jas ❤

Woman Crush Wednesday

Woman Crush Wednesday this week are the lovely sisters, Chloe x Halle.  I remember the first time I saw Chloe x Halle on YouTube.  It was 6 years ago, when they did their cover to Countdown by Beyonce.  I thought, “WOW, these little girls are so dope!” Not realizing I was only 4 years older than the oldest sister, haha. I kind of, and forgive me, forgot about them until they dropped their cover to Yo Gotti, Down in the DM.  They’ve always done covers of Beyonce’s songs, but it wasn’t until 2013, when they did a cover to her song Pretty Hurts that they caught her attention the her Parkwood Entertainment imprint.  She took them under her wing and became their mentor.  Dope right? I’ve always asked the question is it possible to look up to someone who is younger than you and the answer is YES! They are so dope and are making a name for themselves.  They currently star as twin sisters, Jaz and Star on Grown-ish and they recently dropped their debut album! And if you haven’t listened to you it, wyd? My favorite songs are Everywhere, Down, Galaxy, Happy Without Me, Babybird, and the Kids Are Alright.  Basically, the entire album lol.

Double Dutch Bus

For this Monday’s topic, I wanted to talk about Elementary, Middle and High School.  I have a list of questions that I have answered and want you guys to answer about your experience in grade school (K – 12).

1.  Who was your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher in middle school, was my math teacher.  His name was Mr. Otis.  He had slight anger problems, but you can tell he truly cared about his students and wanted what was best for us!

2. Who was your least favorite teacher?

OMG, so during our 8th grade, we had gotten a new teacher.  I think her name was Mrs. Chatman, but LORD nobody liked that lady and sure as hell did not like her.  I think it was the fact that she was new and tried to come in and run shit, like girl sit down somewhere and calm your nerves.  Y’all I was the quietest person in the entire school, but she stayed giving me a S in conduct and I was just like HOW SWAY? And she knew I was quiet, she even brought that up to my mom at a meeting that had. “People who are quiet like usually get picked on in college.” Bitch, I’ll pick on you.

3.  Who was your crush?

So, I’ll do my crush for elementary, middle and high school.  In elementary, I had a crush on this guy named Derek? I think.  He was light-skin and had braids and for whatever reason whenever I was younger, any guy who was light-skin and had braids was my type of guy (I loved Lil Fizz from B2K and Kelly from B5).  LOL, idk what my problem was with that.  Needless to say, I have no idea where the young man is at or what he is doing with his life.  In middle school, I had a crush on these two guys, who will rename nameless because their names are so distinct and people will know who they are.  But as you can assume, they were both light-skin and both had braids.  Today, idk what one of them is doing because we are not connected on social media, but he dated my cousin and I really wanted him and wanted to steal him from her hahaha and the other guy, is weird as shit today and he’s tried a couple, like 3 or so times, to get a me and well the last time I was like no sir. In high school, I don’t know, I didn’t really have a crush on anyone.  I lived in a predominately white area, I wasn’t attracted to white guys at the time and the black guys, I wasn’t so attracted too.

4. Have you ever been in a fight?

LOL, I got into a mini fight with this guy who had a crush on me on the school bus on the way home one day.  My biggest pet peeve is when people put there hands on me, particularly in my face and he flirted that way with me.  I think I was having a bad day or I was just irritated with him and he stuck his finger in my noise.  My bus partner said I turned into the incredible hulk because I literally stood up and started swinging.  Of course, he was one of those respectable guys so he didn’t swing back, but I am one of those people who blacks out and will go for blood, so I stopped myself after a couple of swings because I felt myself really hurting this boy.  Outside of that, I never got into a fight in grade school.  I am just not a fighter.

5.  Bestfriends?

In elementary school, my bestfriends were Jasmine G. and Shecarra

In middle school, my bestfriends were Shecarra , Ariel and Kelsea

In high school, my bestfriends were Jasmine T., Ieisha  and Ashley Centers

I follow everyone on social media, but I am not close to any of them anymore

My grade school life was pretty boring.  I was a shy, quiet and anti-social kid, LOL.  There were a few things I did that I had no business doing, like sneaking a guy over to my house while my parents were out of the country, driving a car and it over-heating on me while they were out of the country to go out where I wasn’t supposed to be, or getting drunk for the first time while my parents were out of town, but other than that, yea I was pretty much a good kid. What did you guys do in grade school? Where you good or bad?

Woman Crush Wednesday

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Tia Mowry.  She is just cute and so is her little family.  I love that she is one of the one’s who has made it from Disney Channel and is completely sane and is still doing well for herself.  She currently has a TV show on the Cooking Channel called Tia Mowry at Home and also has a Podcast called Mostly Mom with Tia Mowry.


Jas ❤

Man Crush Monday

Are you #TeamLawerence or #TeamIssa? At the end of Insecure Season 1, I had a new found love for Jay R. Ellis.  I don’t know if it was because I felt like I could relate to his pain in the show and I just wanted to give him a hug and some of my good loving after what my girl Issa did or if it’s that pretty smile that he has?

Anywho, all I know is that after watching Insecure and following him on IG and Twitter and seeing how genuine he is, he’s definitely earned a spot for our Man Crush Monday post.


Jas ❤

Man Crush Monday

This week’s Man Crush Monday is none other than Chance the Rapper.  I personally fell in love with him October of last year.  One of my line sisters came out to Los Angeles to visit me and we had tickets to a concert that he was going to be at.  I wanted to make sure that I knew some of his songs when he came out on day, but I didn’t only listen to The Coloring Book, I listed to Acid Rap, and #10Day.  I also began looking him up and into his life and I just fell in love with the person that he was.

He was so attractive to me in all aspects.  Chance just seems like a genuinely nice person with a good heart and as if he has a lot of charisma.  Like as soon as he walks into the room, he just steals the spotlight from everyone.  Chance is very vocal about his belief in God and the rights of the community.  I mean this guy has donated a million days to the Chicago Public Schools! Who wouldn’t love this guy?


Jas ❤

Man Crush Monday: Kofi Siriboe

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I had heard the name Kofi Siriboe before, but I had never seen a picture of him nor did I know what he was famous for before Essence Festival.  All I kept hearing was “Kofi Siriboe is so fine,” or “Queen Sugar this, Queen Sugar that.” And all I kept thinking was, “What the heck is a Queen Sugar, sounds like a stripper name to me.” I think my friend talked about him so much that I took it upon myself to look him and figure out just who this young man is and boy, am I glad I did.

He is a very handsome and chocolate man.  I literally looked at his picture and could taste a Hershey kisses, isn’t that crazy? LOL.  He is known as Ralph Angel from the Oprah Winfrey drama series, Queen Sugar.  He is from Los Angeles, CA and is of Ghanaian descent (major win, as I have been saying for a while that the man I am supposed to marry is of an African descent).  His birthday is March 2, 1994 (pisces like me and only a year younger, okay he’s getting even more points with me).

After researching him and finding out all these wonderful things, I think I may just have to occasionally slide in his DMs and tweet him in hopes that he notices me. HAHA!


– Jas ❤