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Beauty Product of the Week

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You guys know I’m a sucker for oils.  I have a TON of oils that I’ve bought recently.  I remember listening to the Friend Zone and Fran talked about how Peppermint Oil could help you poop when you’re on the toilet.  Drop a couple of drops in the toilet and watch the poop flow out and babyyyyyyy, it works. However, I recently bought something else from Provence Beauty.  Hydrating Body Oil | Amaranth Scent.  I absolutely love it, it’s amazing and it makes me feel so much better at night, which is when I mainly use.  I use all over my body, but mainly on my face. I looked up Provence Beauty and they don’t have a website, but their products are on a website known as worldmarket.com, however I got mine from TJ Maxx as usual for only $5.99!

Beauty Product of the Week

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The other day I went to TJ Maxx and as always, I bought some things that I definitely did not need…at all.  I went into the beauty section and discovered this Magnesium Oil Spray by Provence Beauty.  According to the bottle it improves sleep, aids with muscle recovery, boosts magnesium levels and relieves joint pain.  I mainly bought it because I have a lot of joint/muscle pain due to over working out.  I sprayed it on my leg in the area of the pain and my leg felt good for a little bit but it began to hurt again later.  I sprayed it on my leg again the next morning after walking out in hopes that maybe it would ease some pain on my leg throughout the day, however my leg was still hurting.  I am going to go with I need to use it twice a day (as recommended) for a while because I can see if it actually works or not.

Beauty Product of the Week

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This week’s beauty product is NYX Liquid Suede, Stone Fox.  I was a little hesitant on buying it at first because it’s a mix between being black and/or grey and I’ve never just seen anyone rock black/grey well.  But, I put it on and I loved it.  I always believed that I had the perfect skin-tone and lips to pretty much rock any shade of lippie I wanted to rock.  I got this from Target and it was on clearance for about $2, but I believe it’s usually $5.99 and you can get it from nyxcosmetics.com, a NYX store, Target or Ulta.

Lip Color of the Week

This week’s lip color is NYX Liquid Suede Disruptive.  I was SO nervous to try this lip color because it was different and I didn’t think it would look right on me, however once I put it on, I absolutely loved this color on me! It looked amazing and can’t wait to wear it often!

Beauty Product of the Week

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If you’re anything like me, than you sweat like crazy.  I also sweat a lot when I’m on the phone (usually because I’m nervous and get anxiety while being on the phone), when I’m put on the spotlight or when I have to do a presentation in front of a large crowd of people I don’t know.  However, this deodorant is amazing and has caused less sweating for me.  I haven’t gone 48 hours without a shower, so I can’t test the 48 hour protection theory but I’m willing to bet that it would definitely last you for 48 hours as opposed to the typical 24 hours that most deodorant protect you for.

Beauty Product of the Week

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.22.48 PM This day, was the first day of 2018 that I slapped some make-up on my face and took cute pictures.  I also tried two new products, Smashbox SuperFan Fanned Out Mascara and NYX Liquid Suede Foul Mouth. I’ve ever only tried two brands of mascara which is Maybelline and e.l.f. and let me tell y’all, I now have a new favorite mascara and it’s this here Smashbox SuperFan Fanned Out Mascara.  It made my eyelash pop and looking amazing! They were extremely long and super fanned out. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who have short lashes and are looking to extend them.  I also loved the fact that they didn’t clump, flake or smudge!!! Now as far as the liquid suede goes, everyone who knows me, knows I have a slight obsession with lippies.  I have over 50 lipsticks, lipgloss, liquid suede, etc. in over a million brands.  One of my favorite brand of lippies happens to be NYX.  I bought this color because it was blue and I wanted to try something new and different and I actually loved it on me! I’d definitely check out both of these products.Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.22.21 PM