Movie Review: Black Panther Movie


The moment we’ve all been waiting for, the premiere of Black Panther has come! If you’re anything like me, you made sure you went to see it on the premiere night of Thursday, February 15th. First off, whatever time you’re going to the movies, make sure you’re there at least 30-45 minutes before the showing.  My movie started at 7:00pm, I showed up at 6:53pm and it was a packed house.  I had to sit at the very front it was so packed.  I won’t give out any spoilers because no one spoiled it for me, however on Tuesday of next week, I expect everybody and they mama to have seen it.  I keep saying this, but “I don’t mean to exaggerate but the movie was fucking amazing.” The acting, comedic relief, action, dialogue, directing, producing, music, everything was executed beautifully.  Also a movie with Michael B. Jordan, who played THE SHIT out of his role btw, Chadwick Boseman, Daniel Kaluuya and Sterling K. Brown, you can never go tf wrong.  And of course Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira and someone I’ve never seen or heard of, Letitia Wright all looked stunning in the movie.  I definitely recommend everyone to go see it and by see it, I mean paying for it.  Please DO NOT get on putlocker or whatever other site y’all use to watch movie online for free, give Ryan Coogler all of your coins, because my mans deserves it.

Man Crush Monday: Kofi Siriboe

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that I had heard the name Kofi Siriboe before, but I had never seen a picture of him nor did I know what he was famous for before Essence Festival.  All I kept hearing was “Kofi Siriboe is so fine,” or “Queen Sugar this, Queen Sugar that.” And all I kept thinking was, “What the heck is a Queen Sugar, sounds like a stripper name to me.” I think my friend talked about him so much that I took it upon myself to look him and figure out just who this young man is and boy, am I glad I did.

He is a very handsome and chocolate man.  I literally looked at his picture and could taste a Hershey kisses, isn’t that crazy? LOL.  He is known as Ralph Angel from the Oprah Winfrey drama series, Queen Sugar.  He is from Los Angeles, CA and is of Ghanaian descent (major win, as I have been saying for a while that the man I am supposed to marry is of an African descent).  His birthday is March 2, 1994 (pisces like me and only a year younger, okay he’s getting even more points with me).

After researching him and finding out all these wonderful things, I think I may just have to occasionally slide in his DMs and tweet him in hopes that he notices me. HAHA!


– Jas ❤

Woman Crush Wednesday

69cb8a3d-aa38-4db5-b507-68ebaf1db69bSo, I never knew who this queen was until I saw her slaying on the red carpet at the BET Awards show.  Nandi Mngoma is a musician, TV presenter, and actress from South Africa.  She is named after African Zulu Queen Nandi.  She received prasie from all fashion critiques when she showed up to the BET Awards wearing something from her debut clothing line, Colour.  She rose to fame in 2011 with the release of her single ‘Tonight‘ and gained further fame with the release of her album, ‘Nandi‘ in September 2012.  She was born in Maphumulo on March 20, 1988 and raised in  Durban, Kwazulu Hatal.

You can follow this queen on IG and/or Twitter: NandiMngoma