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Top 10 Songs of the Week


  1. Wale – Negotiations
  2. Diamonique Jackson – Give Me A Sign
  3. Star Cast – Believe (Noah and Take 3 Version)
  4. Childish Gambino – This is America
  5. OT Genasis – Everybody Mad (Beychella Mix)
  6. Saweetie – BANS
  7. Kehlani – Did I
  8. Beyonce – Upgrade U Live
  9. SOB X RBE – Paramedic!
  10. Janelle Monae – Pynk

Top 10 Songs of the Week


Because I want all my readers to branch outside of the norm of what they usually listen to, the music I have for this week is different.  Different than the norm, but good music nonetheless.

  1. Sango ft. Xavier Omar – How Do You Love Me
  2. Nai Palm – Molasses
  3. Jesse Boykins III – B4 The Night Is Thru
  4. Little Dragon – Cat Rider
  5. J*DaVeY – No More
  6. Iman Omari – Energy
  7. Sango – Agorinha
  8. SiR – The Perfect Remedy
  9. Chris Turner – LiquidLOVE
  10. Xavier Omar – Lost in Nostalgia

And shoutout to HeyFranHey! She’s the person who has put on to so many new artists and music! Until she uploaded her playlist on Spotify, I had never heard of Ro James, Xavier Omar, Ari Lennox, Jesse Boykins III, Maxine Ashley and Anderson .Paak.. some of the new, “underdog” artists that I LOVE.

Top 10 Songs of the Week


  1. DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Future | Top Off
  2. Keke Palmer | Bossy
  3. A1, PC | Toot That Whoa Whoa
  4. Chloe x Halle | Too Much Sauce
  5. LaBritney, Kash Doll | Actin’ Funny
  6. BJ The Chicago Kid | Roses
  7. BlocBoy JB, Drake | Look Alive
  8. Vince Staples | Get The Fuck Off My Dick
  9. Kendrick Lamar, SZA | All The Stars
  10. Rae Sremmurd | T’d Up

What are you currently listening too this week?

Top 10 Songs of the Week #JasTunes


  1. Janelle Monae x Django Jane
  2. Janelle Monae x Make Me Feel
  3. King Combs x Love You Better
  4. Jazmin Sullivan x #HoodLove
  5. Jesse Boykins III x Earth Girls
  6. Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, James Blake x King’s Dead
  7. Mustard x Lil Baby
  8. Eric Bellinger x Island
  9. Drake x God’s Plan
  10. Quality Control x Ice Tray

What songs are you currently listening too?


Jas ❤

4 Crime Storytelling Podcast to Listen Too

Mysterious Radio.  This radio is full of conspiracies. (There’s not many episodes on this podcast) And I am a sucker for conspiracy theories!

Wine & Crime.  I’ll be honest about this one.  I couldn’t really get into it, but basically, there are three women who talk about crimes over wine!

Unsolved Murders: The Crime Stories.  Now this one, I loved! I did however fall asleep while listening to it, but I listened to about three full shows before falling asleep! The only thing I don’t like is that each podcast is about 30 minutes long and they wait a week before they release the second part of whatever story that they’re telling, when they could probably just do an hour long show.

Serial Killers.  Although I was at work while listening to this one, I had to cut it off.  It got a little too surreal for me and it spooked me out.



Issa Rae Presents Fruit with Stitcher


If you don’t know, I am a podcast fanatic! Put a good podcast in front of me and I will be hooked!!!! I was listening to the Friend Zone and they mentioned how Issa Rae had some podcast named Fruit, blah blah blah.  All I heard was podcast and Issa Rae and was immediately sold on listening to it! I went to go find and to my surprise, instead of it being like the typical podcast, it was actually a mini TV series in podcast form.  Each episode ranged from 9 – 13 minutes and I was definitely hooked from episode 1.  There are two seasons, but so far, I’ve only heard season 1 and need to get on it to finding season 2, as I listened on Spotify and Spotify only has season 1.  Anyway, the show is basically about a professional NFL player who is dealing with football, his sexuality, family and everything else that life has to throw his way.  The first episode starts off with a football player named X, who is out at what seems to be a bar with a Representative from the company that manages him.  It was also in this episode where he realizes that he may just be into guys.  He goes into the bathroom and has an encounter with a male, they didn’t do anything, but the guy from the bathroom eventually finds X, gives him a $20 with his number on it and there’s where it begins with X coming to terms with his sexuality and what he actually wants.  I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and recommend for y’all to give it a listen!!!