10 Ways to Stay Inspired

The other night, I was working on a project.  Around 9 or so, I got tired and decided to shut my computer down and go to bed for the night.  At night time, I put my phone loud just in case an emergency was happening and I need to be able to hear my phone.  Well ding my phone went as soon as I cut the light off and laid my head on the pillow.  It was my brother and I knew it was him because he has a distinctive text tone. I thought what is he doing up this late at night, he’s usually asleep by now, so of course it triggers me to get up and go check out the text.  He’d sent me a link to an article, “Ellen Pompeo, TV’s $20 Million Woman, Reveals Her Behind-the-Scenes Fight for “What I Deserve” | Hollywood Reporter

I read the article in its entirety, however the only thing that stood out to me was this paragraph, “The result: Pompeo’s new pact will have her earning more than $20 million a year – $575,000 per episode, along with a seven-figure signing bonus and two full backend equity points on the series, estimated to bring in another $6 million to $7 million.  She also will get a producing fee plus backend on this spring’s Grey’s spin-off as well as put pilot commitments and office space for her Calamity Jane production company on Disney’s Burbank lot.”

I texted my brother and asked, “Where do I go wrong in life?” I’m literally living paycheck to paycheck and sometimes have to choose between getting gas or groceries.  And he replies, “You’re still young with no kids.  ITS NOT TOO LATE! 30 year old Jasmines struggles and/or successes will be determined by what 24 year old Jasmine does.” It immediately triggered me to get up out the bed and begin working on my project that I was just working on.  Can I pause and tell you guys a story? So, every since November, I’ve been working on a Stationery Line, coming up with designs, brand logo, etc.  I had everything saved on a flash drive.  The night before my brother sends me this text message, I went in to go upload all my files onto a website so that I can get a prototype of what I am currently working on priced and made, but OF COURSE, my flash drive would could not be recognized.  I hooked up it up to my personal laptop and to my work laptop and NOTHING.  I honestly had a nervous breakdown and COULD NOT STOP CRYING.  I started thinking all of my struggles and how I was upset that this happened because I see myself as being the next Lily Pulitzer, Wink Wink Co., Rifle Paper Co., mintgreen or just one of those stationery companies that’s sold inside of TJ Maxx/Marshall’s or Walmart/Target.  However, after a hour or so of crying, talking to God and listening to some Gospel music, I got myself together and I started everything over from scratch and even came up with a different idea for what I had been working on.

Anyone, my brother saying that it’s not too late for me and that what I do now will take care of me once I am 30, made me motivated and determined.  My brother also told me that he’s enrolled back into, although this is his 5th or so enrolling ‘back’ into school.  But his plans are to eventually go and get into Nursing School and be done by 2020, take a couple of years off and go back to become a doctor.  And although he has gone back to school and not finished SO many times, I have complete faith in him.  This is our year to get started on the things that we want in life and that’s what this blog post is about.  How to stay inspired when you’re feeling uninspired to accomplish your goals.

Write down your ideas. Yes, write them down. Every single one.  It’ll help you, keep on track with your thoughts and ideas so that you don’t forget them and two, it’s a way of holding yourself accountable of the ideas you have written down and getting them implemented.  Write now, I currently have a lot of my ideas that I have planned for my stationery business written down and pinned to my bulletin board.

Change your routine. Maybe you’re not feeling inspired to change or grow because you’re doing the same routine over and over again and you’ve become complacent with your life.  I know I’ve gotten to that point, I wake up, go to work, go to the gym, come home eat, take a shower, and watch a show or two before bed and repeat.  On the weekends, I’d wake up, go to the gym, eat, go to a store or two, eat, watch TV and repeat.  However, I’m realizing that maybe I should go to the library or to Starbucks instead of going to the gym so that I can feel inspired to get things going as far as my goals.  Go to an art museum, symposium or join a group to switch things up a little.  When you have a change of scenery, you become more inspired.

Declutter your space. This is also very important.  Sometimes, my apartment can be a complete mess.  When my apartment is a mess, I feel a mess and don’t feel like doing anything.  However, once I clean my spot up, I feel more refreshed and like I can conquer the world.

Pin Up Motivational Prints. The article that I mentioned and linked above, has definitely been printed out.  Articles on stationery companies and how they got started are pinned on my bulletin board.  I’ve also found advice and steps on how to get the ball going on my business as well, pinned up.  Motivational quotes are all around my house, you guys know how in Being Mary Jane, Mary Jane had sticky notes all around her house with affirmations? Me. Guilty AF.

Read a book or magazine. Just like a lot of people can get invested in a TV Show and want to become an actress, producer, or director (or am I the only one who gets inspired to do one of the three while watching TV?), you can become inspired by the books or magazines you read.  If you’re reading a book about happiness, you may get inspired to take some tips from the book and become happy or if you’re reading a magazine, you may become inspired to be a journalist or blogger.

Discover new music. Discovering new music is honestly one of the best feelings in the world.  Spotify, which I definitely recommend and prefer over any other music streaming app, to include iTUNES, is a great music source for playlist.  As I’ve mentioned before HeyFranHey has a couple of playlist on Spotify and each of them have introduced me into new music, new artists, new talent, new creatives who have all inspired me to get some get up and go about myself.

Collaborate with others. This one is extremely important.  I will admit, that I lack in this area of collaborating with others, but I think it’s extremely important because if you’re not feeling inspired, but whoever you’re collaborating with is, they can have a positive affect on you causing you to become inspired.  Also, they may have some ideas that can help you out or some connections that you may need in order to do whatever it is that you’re looking to do.

Go Somewhere New. A new and unseen scene can definitely inspire you.  Something in that new scene that you’ve never seen before can spark you to do something new or trigger something in you to become motivated.

Don’t Give Up. This is also extremely important.  When I had my nervous breakdown, I definitely felt like giving up on my stationery dreams.  I felt like, maybe my flash drive stopped working for a reason and that this isn’t the route for me to go.  However, I didn’t give up and I actually came up with different and possibly better ideas for what I want to do.

Have fun.  No matter what you do in life, don’t give up on your goals and dreams!! You never know what may turn out from them.

What are things you do to keep inspired?



Welcome to Atlanta Where the Playas Play

For my 25th birthday, I headed to Atlanta with my lil sis, Cadeja.  I hadn’t been to Atlanta in about 3 years and it was so refreshing to go there.  It’s crazy because everytime I go, I always say, “I could never live here,” yet, I would live in LA.  The same reason I don’t want to live in Atlanta (traffic and that it’s too spread out) are all the same things wrong with LA. However, after this recent visit, I’m kind of torn between moving back to LA or moving to Atlanta.  Corporate America in Atlanta is massive! And if I wanted to go back down the route of fashion, that’s major in Atlanta as well.  Atlanta is like an LA Jr.

IMG_5836The first night in town we took a 30 minute nap and got up to begin getting ready for the night.  Our first stop was at this place called Ace Fridays.  We thought we were stepping into a club and come to find out it was a WHOLE ASS hookah lounge, lmao.  It was funny because as we were pulling up, the parking lot was skimp, luckily it was free to get in.  We bought a round of hookah and left probably after 45 minutes of being there.  We ordered a Lyft and this is were things got interested and I did some shit I hadn’t done since undergrad.  We were talking to our Lyft driver and he asked us what we were about to get into, where we were staying, blah, blah, blah.  Basically he ended the Lyft driver and clocked out.  We thought he was going to show us a spot real quick that we could end up going to after we got back to our hotel to grab the car.  No.  My mans went to his spot, changed clothes, brought us some alcohol out and took us to this area known as Edgewood, which was extremly popping.  A lot of bars nearby and a lot of melanin for me to lust after.  I was enjoying myself that is until, this man who was probably a good 5’7 and while I am actually 5’7, with heels on I was 6’0 came behind me and was trying to get me to dance.  Y’all, I am not a dancer especially when I’m sober or just have a buzz.  The DJ then began playing slow music and I immediately found a chair and sat in it.  I just knew this man who was already trying to get me to dance about to grab me for a slow dance.  Anywho, he eventually started to grind up on me and when I say I was embarrassed, I was embarassed, DO YOU HEAR ME? Embarassed.  My friend had a walked away to talk to the guy that brought us there, so I looked this chick who was standing close by me in the eyes and grabbed her to tell her to save me.  Someone word flew that it was my birthday and sis gone say, “Happy Birthday! Have fun girl.” Ma’am, like if you don’t save my ass.  Finally Cadeja saw me and came to the rescue.  But that’s how night one ended.

IMG_5774On Saturday, we got up went to go eat at cookout, in which I was hoping to run into Woody McClain. 😦 LMAO, I was actually hoping to run into him anywhere in Atlanta. After we ate at cookout, we went to a bar and I had a beer, don’t remember what it was called, but I didn’t like it at all and you heathens who drink beer are absolutely disgusting.  After attempting to drink the beer, we headed to dance studio, Dance 411 for an Intro to Pole Dancing class! It was SO much fun and was a great workout.  We learned a couple movements and a routine.  After we left the pole dancing class and because it was St. Patty’s Day, we went Day Drinking at the annual Luckyfest at Park Tavern!! We had a lot of fun, met a lot of drunkards and even got drunk ourselves.  Leprechuan Piss will definitely get you to your level.  IMG_5783

After we went Day Drinking, we left to go to Lenox Mall.  It was crowded as usual, but we ended up leaving around 9:00pm, got back to our hotel around 9:30pm.  We were supposed to wake up at 10:30pm, but ended up sleeping until 11:30pm.  And when I tell y’all I would have been so content with staying sleep for the rest of the night, I would have been content going to sleep for the rest of the night.  However we got up and got dressed to go out.  We went back to the same spot we had went to the night before.  It was okay, I wasn’t drunk although I felt like I had a lot.  I guess I couldn’t get drunk anymore after had drinking earlier in the day.  Anywho, at some point, this guy comes up to me while we were sitting and having fun.  And LET ME TELL Y’ALL.  I could have SWORN, still believe that the man who came up to me was gay af.  He literally would not leave me alone and stop talking to me, but I was like fuck it whatever I’ll sit here and listen.  He asked me if I were single and I said yes.  He was like you’re fine and started going on a tangent.  My guy was telling me his whole life story and how he works 5 jobs (and he added that the women(???) in his past didn’t like the fact that he was always busy – and I was like well my nigga, why would I date someone that I never get to see?).  He started talking about how if we vibe then I could move to GA or he could move to TN.  He played football in college, blah blah blah.  I was really over especially after he started spitting when he talked.  Another thing that made me feel like he was gay is that he was like, “OMG, we can be Instagram besties.” He eventually gave me his number, but it most definitely will never get used.  I don’t have anything against gays by no means, it’s just very frustrating when someone doesn’t own their sexuality.  If you’re gay, embr


ace it.  Love who you are and love who you truly want to be with. Don’t conflict a situation by involving someone who may actually like you but at the end of the day, it’s not the sex you want to be with.  Anyway, we eventually got up and left because he was getting on my damn nerves and we met a group of Nigerians.  I ended up giving one my number, but my responses were pretty limited with him.  We were literally five feet away from the car before we got stopped by another heathen, LOL.  It was 3 in the morning and all I wanted to do was get in the bed.  All in all, the night was fun.

IMG_5811Sunday morning, we got up, by the Grace of God, and went to Sunday service at Ebenzer Baptist Church and went to the musuem that’s located directly across the street.  Now service was amazing.  The pastor that preacher was from a church in Philadelphia.  However, I was a little turned off from the church, when after service the Sr. Pastor at Ebenezer was literally begging for money.  He played a cute little video to show the reasoning behind the choosing of the aesthetics of the church.  Afterwards, he said, “This church was built 19 years ago and you know after you’ve been somewhere for 19 years, things need to be fixed up.” After that, it was like a bidding auction.  “Who can offer $5,000?” “Who can offer $3,000?” “Who can offer $1,000?” About 5 people got up and walked towards the front.  “Who can offer $500?” I don’t know it just rubbed me the wrong way.  Let people give what they can give and let them give it in private.  Don’t be a begger.  I eventually got up and walked out because I couldn’t take it anymore.  After church, we headed to World of Coca-Cola.

This was a really fun experience, except for that damn 4D shit.  I may just be dramatic and extra, in which, yes I will admit I am, but that shit was whipping me the hell back and forth.  I also did not know I would get splashed with some water and I be damned.  It wasn’t a lot, just very unexpectant.  It also made me want to work in Coca-Cola’s Corporate Offices and I began to look up jobs, lol.  They didn’t have any openings of my interest in HR, but I wouldn’t mind working for them.  We were in the downtown area, so a lot of businesses were around and the atmosphere was dope.  Which is why it made me be like, hmm… if I had a good paying job that allowed me to afford an apartment downtown, I would work and live in downtown ATL. But this is how I spent my birthday weekend! ❤

25 Things I Learned in 25 Years


  1. Self-love is the best love.  Living for yourself and not worrying about what others think is such a healthy way of life.  When you worry too much about what others think, you begin to believe the things that those people say and try to change who you are as a person.  You also can’t begin to love someone else if you don’t love yourself.
  2. Listen to your intuition.  When you get that feeling that something is wrong or right, GO WITH IT.  I’ve had so many moments, where I did not go with my gut feeling and ended up getting my feelings hurt and other times where I’ve gone with my gut feelings and have been right and avoided a lot of drama.
  3. Take risks.  This is one thing I am a big firm believer in is taking risk.  I mean, a plan was presented to me to move to LA and I moved in less than a month.  I feel like sometimes taking risks are important because you never want to have that regret later on in life.  I never want to get older and say, “Man, I regret not moving to LA when I had the chance.” You know?
  4. TRAVEL.  And travel as often as you can.  I’ve taking so many trips during college that I probably shouldn’t have taken because my funds were low, but I did anyway because well, you only get to college once and two you’re only young once, so why not be irresponsible.  Now, I just want to travel the world, even if it is by myself.  I’ve only traveled once so far this year, but have two trips planned for the summer, a possible trip in May, I’m looking into planning another trip for September and hopefully one for October or November, maybe both.
  5. Embrace your weirdness.  A quote I recently saw that spoke to me, “It’s better to appear strange to others than as a stranger to yourself.” If you’re weird, so fucking what? I’m weird. I’m awkward. I like different things than other people and that’s truly ofuckingkay.
  6. Some people will bring out the worst in you.  Some the best. And others, the most. When you figure this out, you have to eliminate those people who do bring out the worst in you and you have to cherish those who bring out the best.  I am an introvert at heart and I always choose to hang around people who are extroverted because I know they’ll bring out my deep inner extrovertness.
  7. Live a little.  If you’re trying to lose that weight, EAT THAT MOTHERFUCKING HAMBURGER when you get a chance.  If a guy asks you out on a date, GO ON THAT DATE SIS.  If a friend ask you to go skydiving, GO SK..well sis, maybe you should just live life on edge by doing inside skydiving.  If you want to move to another city, GO TO THAT CITY.
  8. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.  This took me a minute to learn, but nonetheless I learned it.  If I don’t want to go somewhere or do something, a simple no is all that person needs.  I don’t have to explain why I don’t want too. Take this no and be grateful I even gave you that because I could’ve just ignored your request.
  9. Spend time with your parents. I don’t get to see my parents often and I really haven’t in the past 6 years, being 4 hours way during college and living in Los Angeles and now Nashville, I don’t see them often, but I love my parents so much and spending time with them is very important to me.  I guess that’s why I stay up under them whenever I go home. LMAO, WHERE WE GOING MOM? WHAT ARE YOU DOING DAD?
  10. Don’t settle. This is also an important thing I learned.  If you don’t like something, please don’t settle for it.  Know your worth, Queen and go after what you deserve, especially in a significant other.
  11. Don’t plan your life out according to a time table.  This was a big mistake a made.  I always had a timeline.  Graduate college at 22 (Only thing I’ve done according to my timeline, LOL), get myself together financially and build with my current boyfriend (LOL!), get engaged and married by 25, first kid by 28 and no kids no later than 30.  Look at me? 25 with not a significant other in sight or close to being in sight. LMAO, live life and don’t go out looking for something.  If it finds you, it’ll find you.
  12. Don’t stress over what can’t be controlled.  Will it matter in 5 minutes? Will it matter in 5 years? No, move on boo.  When I lived in LA, I stressed my entire time and didn’t get to fully enjoy the city.  Everything eventually worked out, especially with a good pay job, which was my main stress factor, and it was all in God’s timing.
  13. Don’t compare your life to the lives of others.  I had to learn this the hard way.  Always on Instagram, strolling and seeing friends getting those jobs right after college or on facebook seeing people happily in love, getting married and with kids.  It’s just not healthy and in a way it stumps your growth.  You’re too worried about how others are living and how they did it as opposed to focusing on yourself and seeing how and what you can do to get to where they are.
  14. BE GRATEFUL. Always.  There are people out who haven’t made it to see 25.  There are people out there who haven’t accomplished as much as I have at 25.  There are a lot of people who can’t do half the things I can do at 25.  I’m not where I want to be, but I am forever grateful for where I am.
  15. Think for myself. WOW, this was definitely a big one.  I think growing up, my mom would always do the talking for me.  I remember we lived in WV and we were in the car with a neighbor and she asked me a question, however my mom immediately answered the question before I could even process the question and formulate an answer and I remember the neighbor saying, “I asked Jasmine the question.” But I’ve been on my own for a while now, so thinking for myself has been something I’ve had to do, although I do still call me mom for advice, I still have to formulate my own thoughts and opinions on things to make the best decision for myself.IMG_5814
  16. Who I was at 20, 22 and even at 24 doesn’t define who I will be at 25.  Man, I’ve done some crazy shit that I KNEW for a fact was wrong, but I still did them because I was being petty or because I just felt like, however those things do NOT and will NOT define the person I’ve become.
  17. Love what you do for a living.  Okay, so I’ve learned while being in Corporate America that you might hate your job, but I’ve also learned that, that job could be setting you up with the experience for your next job.  My first job in Corporate was an Admissions Representative (code for Sales) at a technical school.  However, that job title and some of my responsibilities opened doors for me in HR.
  18. SAVE MONEY.  OMG, y’all please, PLEASE save money.  That money you have in your savings can help you out in times of emergencies, like for instance when your checking account goes into the negatives or gets as low as .47, but at least you’ll have that money in your savings to help you out a little until that next paycheck comes in.  Or having a savings period is very helpful for later on in life when you want to do something major like buy a house.
  19. Make connections.  This is very important, regardless of what industry you’re in.  You never know whose watching you or who can help you get to the next step that yo’re trying to get too.
  20. Follow your dreams.  One of my biggest fears is that I’m not living the life God has planned for me to live.  I currently work in Corporate America, but I’m not sure if that’s the route I’m supposed to be going.  I went to school for fashion and the longer I’m in Corporate America, the more I think if I should go with my first career choice
  21. It’s not always about look. When it comes to a significant other or hell if yourself, it’s not about looks.  Looks won’t get you that job, that boyfriend, that healthy life, that.. whatever you’re looking for it’s more than looks.  Do you have a personality? Do you have the skill set? What can you offer and put on the table?
  22. Learn something new everyday.  When you’re not learning, I feel like you’re being complacent with your current knowledge.  There’s nothing wrong with being a continuous learner and picking up a new skill or learning about something new everyday.
  23. Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself girl or no one else will, but no seriously if you’re constantly doubting yourself, there’s only so much that people around you can try to believe in you before they start doubting you too.
  24. BE KIND.  No matter what, be kind.  Be kind to that stranger, be kind to that CEO and that janitor, be kind to your mom, be kind to your dad, be kind to your siblings, your friends, your family, everyone! It’s better to be kind than to be the Grinch.
  25. The best is yet to come.  If you don’t feel like you’re where you are or need to be, remember the best is yet to come.  Keep working and striving, it’ll come soon darling.


Woman Crush Wednesday

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Tracee Ellis Ross.  However, Tracee isn’t just a crush for me, she’s an inspiration.  Eclectic, comfortable, and bold are three words she used to describe herself in the 72 Questions with Vogue video and while Tracee is most definitely all of those things, I see a woman who is intelligent, beautiful, talented and inspiring…someone I aspire to be like someday.  She’s an actress, comedian, rapper, fashionista and the big sister I never knew I needed.  Recently, she gave a powerful speech at the Glamour’s 2017 Woman of the Year Summit. In her speech, she says the following,

“When we put ourselves first by doing things like saying no, speaking up, sleeping with who we want, eating what our bodies intuitively tells us to eat, wearing training bras instead of push up bras, posting a picture without using facetune..we are condemned for thinking for ourselves and being ourselves, for owning our experiences, our bodies and our lives.  That kind of stuff is seen as threatening and scary and it’s certainly not what the patriarchy had in mind.  Join me for a moment and imagine: What would it be like for women to completely own our own power, to have agency over our own glory and our sexuality, not in order to create a product or to sell it, or to feel worthy of love, or use it as a tool for safety, but instead as a WAY OF BEING? Imagine that..truly owning out own power, agency, and sexuality.”

Ross, a 45 year old woman without a husband or children, is everything I look up too.  Only recently have I become comfortable with not getting married or having children.  It’s no longer a fear of mine that I may not have a husband or have kids to love me unconditionally, but that’s okay because like Ross who mentions in her speech, “I’ve become a woman that I am very proud to be,” I someday want to become a woman that I am very proud to be.

Who is your style icon? The interviewer from the 72 Questions with Vogue asks Tracee. “Me in 17 years, I’m very hopeful,” she replies and quite honestly, Tracee is my style icon now.  I mean, she slays so effortless in every outfit that her stylist, Karla Welch, Hollywood’s hottest stylist who literally was a wine steward right before, read her story here.



I mean do you guys see this woman? Eff-fort-less slay.  I really want to get my hands on her and become her wardrobe stylist some day.  That’s honestly one of my lifetime goals.  Later in the post, I’ve included a look book of things I feel are her style and would love to see her in. She is openly independent, always sends positive vibes and portrays a strong Black woman in her TV roles.  She is unapologetically herself and I love her for it.


She also has a website, traceeellisross.com that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.  She talks hair, beauty, health, style, food and overall highlights of Tracee.

Here is the lookbook of styles I’ve come up with for Tracee if I were to become her stylist some magical way:

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Day 13 of Self Love Challenge



I’ve been on my no makeup kick for most of 2018 and I kind of feel like my skin looks nice but sometimes I just don’t feel pretty without it on.  As you can see, I used a filter to I guess hide how I feel on the outside without the make-up on.

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Jas ❤