10 P. Diddy Quotes You Need to Hear to Stay Motivated

If there was anybody (besides Tracee Ellis Ross) that I looked up to in the entertainment industry, it would most definitely be none other than Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs.  First the fuck of all, he is worth $825 million.  Ain’t no way, one person should be worth all of that money.  Secondly, his story and [...]

4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other

  The media is notorious for pitting women against each other and I started seeing it more and more on the blogs, especially on Instagram in the comment section. I’ve learned that the media often times make up feuds to stir up and bring more attention their site. One media site often times put two [...]

Star Unofficial Aftershow Podcast

Omg you guys, it's finally here!!!! Back in May, I tweeted Lee Daniels telling him that I thought Star should have an aftershow podcast, kind of like how Insecure has Insecuritea, but of course little ol regular me has no pull and got nothing back, so I decided to do my own unofficial aftershow podcast [...]