Man Crush Monday


In light of recent news, I wanted to make this week’s Man Crush Monday none other than Aubrey Drake Graham. I knew I had a crush on Aubrey since Degrassi and Replacement Girl days.  I remember like it was yesterday when I first discovered the song Replacement Girl, thinking damn who is this fine light-skin? To only realize it was none other than Aubrey Drake Graham from Degrassi. I also did not realize how much I actually LOVED this man until I found some old tweets of mine where I professed my love for him. In September of 2010, I tweeted “ahhh drake = <3.” The same month and year, just a couple of days later, I tweeted, “#aintnothingsexyabout Drake’s eyebrows …i still love the bit tho.” First and foremost, I love Drake’s eyebrows now, idk something sexy about a man with bushy eyebrows, secondly, who was I “bit”? Hahaha. In December of 2010, I tweeted, “dammmmnnnnnnn drake fine ass.” I have no idea what I was watching and/or doing to tweet this, but Lord knows, my young self knew what I was talking about though, LOL. I didn’t find another tweet of me professing my love for the man until August of 2011 where I tweeted, “#20peopleidmarry 6.) Drake.” Another more recent tweet from 2012, I tweeted, “Aubrey Drake Graam! along with blushing, kissy faces, heart eyes, and heart emojis.” I think it’s safe to say your girls celebrity crush was definitely Drake.  I think my crush on Drake so profound that my first boyfriend in college, could damn near go for a Drake look alike.

Anyway, fast forward to today, I still do believe that Aubrey is a fine man, however it’s different.  It’s not a crush, but more so of a I have respect for this man and his art.  He went from Jimmy in the Wheelchair, to Drake, the top artist dominating the charts. Whether y’all like this man or not, you can’t help but realize that he makes bops, he fan base is HUGE, damn near bigger than Beyonce’s and he is definitely easy on the eye still.

I’m also patiently, impatiently waiting for my guy to drop Scorpion and to say something, because he been GHOST af since this unnecessary Pusha T beef.

Also, a dream of mine is to be Head of Social Media for OVO or on his PR Team. A girl can only dream right?


Jas ❤

8 Things to Do in the Morning to Have a More Productive Day

8 things to do

1. Get Up Early When you get up earlier than normal, about 2 hours earlier, you’ll feel more refreshed.  Not only will you feel more refreshed, but you can get a lot more done.  Cook that breakfast that you’ve never had time to cook before work, put a load of clothes in the washer, read that book you never have time to read or do some homework.

2.  Work Out. If you’re anything like me, waking up early to work out sounds sooooooo sad, lol.  I prefer working out in the evenings after work, however I have worked out before work before and you have SO much free time after you’re done for the day.  You can finish that load of clothes you put in the washer that morning from getting up early, you can cook dinner, do homework, scratch some things off of your to-do list, etc.

3. Read the News. I’ll admit, this is something that I am extremely bad at. I usually use Twitter as my source for News, but I should probably download a News app (I don’t have cable to actually watch the news).  It’s very important to know what’s going on in the world, as it almost always directly affects you and it’s also good to be able to keep up and have an opinion when the topic of conversation is brought up with co-workers, friends or even strangers.

4. Meditate. A great way to refocus, destress, and have a clear mind to begin and conquer the day.

5. Eat Breakfast. I don’t know about you guys but when I don’t eat breakfast in the morning, I’m always ready to crash by like 12pm.  However, if you don’t have the time to cook breakfast because you don’t want to wake up 2 hours early, you can always meal prep breakfast.  Meal prep breakfast? Strange right? HAHA, I found a meal prep breakfast online once and I thought it was a pretty good meal: potatoes, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and shredded cheese! However, I wouldn’t meal prep my breakfast for the week, maybe two days at a time.

6. Make Your Bed. Duh, right? I don’t make my bed everyday, but when I do it’s like something I’ve accomplished off of my to-do list.  It also reassures me to not get back into the bed and that I must begin my day, lol.

7. Don’t Check Social Media/E-mail.  First thing you do when you wake up is check IG and Twitter. You start off on a person you actually know page and then BAM, two hours later you’re deep onto someone you have never met and probably will never meet pages.  Same with e-mail.  You check your e-mail and you get frustrated by something or intrigued by an e-mail and now you’re completely off track.  Avoid checking your phone altogether so that you can get thing done.

8. Do something that’s on your vision board. You’re trying to get into graduate school? Study some pages from the GRE/GMAT book or write that personal statement.  Your goal is read so many books in the new year? Read a chapter or two from your current book.  Your goal is to lose weight? Work-out.  Your goal is to spend more time with family and friends? Plan a breakfast date in the morning with them.

I’m Okay with Not Getting Married


Back in February, I went home for my parents 50th birthday celebration.  While we were at the venue setting up, my father and I were talking about his eating habits and health.  He went on a rant about how he’s trying to overall live a healthier life as he wants to see his grandkids grow up and see me get married. It didn’t dawn on me until a couple of days later that my father is looking forward to seeing me get married, however I have come to the realization that I may not want to get married and I am okay with that.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against getting married and if I fall in love with a man who wants to eventually marry me, I’m open to it, but what I am saying is that, if it doesn’t happen, I won’t stress out about it, I won’t complain and be one of those women who’s always nagging about never getting married, but instead I’ll continue to live a long healthy life.  I think too often women get caught up in this life of, I’m supposed to go to college, graduate, get a job, find a man, get married and have kids and I don’t believe that.  I believe that I am supposed to live and to live my best fucking life and whatever I encounter on that journey, whether it’s a bomb ass job, a man or a child then good.

My parents got married at 22.  Can you guys believe it? Twenty-2.  At 22, I had just gotten out of one situationship and was heading into another situationship.  At 22, I was stressing because I had just found out I was graduating an entire semester earlier than planned.  At 22, I was trying what the fuck I was about to do with my life after May 14th at 9:30am and Gary Ransdell, WKU previous President called my name to receive my paper diploma.  At 22, I was trying to figure out what internship was I going to get after I did walk because I had one more class left before I could officially be a college graduate.  At 22, I was not thinking about a fucking marriage.  My parents had me at 25.  I recently turned 25 last month and at 25, I can’t financially support myself, so I definitely couldn’t financially support another life.  At 25, I’m still lost as fuck as to what I want to do in life.  At 25, I’m slightly lost, stressed and depressed.

I haven’t been in a relationship that held a quote, unquote title of boyfriend and girlfriend since 2012.  I haven’t been in a successful yet unnecessarily long situationship since 2014.  It’s 2018.  I haven’t been in love or felt wanted by a man in four years and I’ve learned a lot about myself.  To include the fact that I am okay with not getting married.  I’m also okay with not having kids.  However, if and when I meet a man that I’m in love with and we decide to get married, than baby I’m all for it! And if he wants to have kids, of course I am going to give that man some kids.  But I won’t cry or be hurt if I don’t either or.  When I was younger, I had a plan of what my life was “supposed” to look like.  Married by 23, first kid by 25 and a second by 28.  So much for that plan. I think my focus right now is mainly on getting myself together financially, physically, mentally and most importantly, spiritually.  Once I get all of that in order, thinking about marriage and kids will come into play.


Jas ❤


When I was 22 I dated a man 15 years older than me

Yes, you read the title of this article correctly.  When I was 22, I dated a man that was 37.  Here’s how we met.  After graduating college, I move back home to Memphis.  I had two part-time jobs at the time, one at the University of Memphis Bookstore and the other at JCPenney’s.  He too, had two jobs.  A full-time job and a part-time job at JCPenney’s.  I worked in the shoe department and he worked in the children’s department which was right by each other.  Now when I first saw this man, I thought he was a cool 27 (that’s that black don’t crack, baby).  But to try to make a long story short, we started “talking” two months after I had started.  One night after work, it was raining and I let him walk with me under my umbrella to our cars and as a thank you, he bought me a $25 (yes, my guy spent a cool $25 on me without even knowing me) Starbucks gift card.  Maybe a week later, we went on a lunch date.  After our date and as we were on our way back to work, I asked him how old he was and he told me to guess.  I guessed, “Late 20’s or early 30’s.” and that’s when he hit with the, “No, I’m 37.” As you can imagine, I was shooketh, but I was interested.

There’s nothing I regret about dating him and I actually learned a couple of things from dating him.

It’s better to start off as friends. One thing he kept saying to me was, “We’re friends right.” I remember being so offended by the fact that he called us friends and not, I’m not sure what the proper term would have been because we weren’t official.  But by him calling me his “friend,” I realized in order to be successful in a relationship, you must first start off as friends.  You get to know each other better

I liked going on dates. Before him, I don’t think I’d really been out on a date.  Most of the guys I entertained, we’d only see the four walls of my bedroom or theirs or each other’s living room.  Rarely did we do something fun like dinner, movies, or something in the local area.  However with this guy, we went on multiple dates.  The first two dates were a little awk (he would sit next to me as opposed to on the opposite side of me in which I later realized I liked) but after that I started to open up to him a lot and I enjoyed sitting down, talking to him and getting to know and vice versa.

Communication is Key.  I definitely learned how to communicate and to communicate effectively. I was never and still am not a big phone talker, however he would call me EVERY night to talk on the phone.  Along with communication, I learned how to reach out to him via phone first.  Granted I didn’t do it a lot, I had definitely stepped out my comfort zone and did.  Whenever we had a problem or issue, he would want to talk about it to resolve.  We had a couple yelling matches and a couple of sit downs in the car on different issues we had.

Ask questions.  One of our date nights, that went so well, ended badly.  We were at a Mexican restaurant and I shit y’all not, his ex-wife just so happened to be at the same restaurant at the same time on the same night.  WILD right? Come to find out, he had an ex-wife who he’d been with for a long time and married to for a long time.  He had two kids, one with the ex-wife and well, one not with the ex-wife, hence the divorce.  Now, I knew beforehand that he had one son and that was only because I had heard him talking to a customer before we even started talking about his son.  He basically told me, that he never told me he had kids because I never asked…

It was difficult dating an older man while living with my parents. Pretty much sums this up.  There would be time where he’d want me to stay the night with him, but I was about 99.9% positive that wouldn’t have be cool with my father.  I remember, I had to tell my parents I was doing one thing when I was really hanging out with him at 1 in the morning (sorry Dad/Mom if you’re reading this).  But it was very frustrating for him, because that night he actually wanted me to stay with him, especially since it was his birthday and he felt like I was too grown to be lying to my parents.

He was very confident in himself.  It wasn’t the arrogant, cocky type of confident, but the I’ve been here, done that and I know what I’m doing, sexy type of confident.  He knew I was attracted to him and he knew what to do to make me want him more than what I already did so effortless.

Jealousy didn’t exist.  When I tell y’all this man never got jealous, he never got jealous.  It was like he knew I was his (even though not officially) and that he was not worried about any other man.  I remember we were out eating and another guy kept staring at me, but he didn’t make a big deal about it.  Not an insecure bone in his body.

Obviously, he and I did not last, which ultimately brings me to my last point.  Ghosting exist no matter what age you are.  He basically ghosted me for about a month before calling me and trying to have a “conversation” about where our relationship was going.  We talked for about 10 minutes and he hung up on me.  Called me back about 30 minutes, I missed it and when I called back he didn’t answer.  I hadn’t heard from him again until 4 months later.  Typical fuck guy shit.  I don’t regret talking and pursuing him.  I learned a lot about older men.  Would I ever date someone that much older than me again? Possibly, I mean if Chadwick Boseman ever gave me a chance…you better your ass I would, but for now I think I’ll stick to someone who is 10 years or less older than myself.

Job Hopping

Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor are probably the top three sites I stroll through the most.  More than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  I wake up and religiously look at any new jobs that are currently available in the Greater Nashville Area.  I have no idea why I do this but I do.  Even when I’ve only been at a job for a week.  While in LA, I probably applied to over 100 or so jobs.  I liked both of my jobs, but I think I kept searching and searching because I was in contract roles and I wanted a full-time job with benefits.  In my current role, I also stroll through jobs like crazy.  But now it’s different, I’ve been strolling through jobs because I am ready for the next step in my career.  Currently I am a Talent Acquisition Coordinator and the next step is a Talent Acquisition Specialist, also known as a Recruiter.  I also consistently stroll through these job sites because I want a job that pays more than what I’m getting paid now.

However, doing this looks extremely bad, especially when I haven’t been at said companies for a long time.  I’ve been in my current position now for about 6 months, but a couple of months when I started applying to other jobs, I’d only been in the role for 2-4 months.  A question that often comes up is, “Why are you looking for a new role?” or my application would get rejected before a recruiter would call me because I’ve only been in my current role for a short period of time, obvisouly they’re thinking, well if she’s only been in that role for 2 months and is looking for something new, she’s going to do the same thing once she starts working here.

Right after I accepted my position with my current company, a recruiter had reached out to me on LinkedIn about how there’s an opportunity that she’d like to talk to me about in my area, etc., etc., etc., but I told her that I had just accepted a new position.  Well fast forward to four months later and I’d reached back out to her on LinkedIn and asked her if we could just have a phone conversation about my my career aspirations, necessary steps I needed to take to get there and just overall advice.  We scheduled a phone conversation and she basically told me to stick it out with my company for at least a year.  Don’t put in job applications in other place and to only consider leaving my current company if an other company reached out to me for a full-time role in exactly what I want to do in life.  In a year, hopefully a role in what I want to do in my career field will open at my current company and if not, at least I have that longevity on my resume for my current company.  She told me keywords to look for when that time does come around to search.  It was a really good conversation.  I told her my issues and she just really had good advice overall.

So below, I have listed a couple of cons to think about if you’re a job hopper:

Think about what it’ll look to recruiters/hiring manager.  If you are at companies for a short period of time and are at your current company for a short period of time and are looking for a new job, it raises a flag to those people.  I remember I applied for a job once and the recruiter reached out to me with an e-mail asking, why I had been in my roles for only a short period of time.  I thought I had good answers for each, but obviously they weren’t good enough because she never reached back out to me.  The recruiter I reached out to on LinkedIn also made a valid point.  Two of my jobs were contract roles and although I have that stated on my resume and that would be an obvious reason as to why I stayed at my jobs for a short period of time, to a recruiter or hiring manager, it would then raise the question, “Well why do you keep only applying to contract positions?”

Seeking opportunities/advancement within your company.  Sometimes it’s not about the company, but rather your job title and duties that you have an issue with.  For me, I am bored of being in the Coordinator role.  I’ve done this for the last year and I think it’s time for me to move up.  However, as opposed to looking outside my company, I should be looking for opportunities within the company when that time comes.  It’ll look better and the chances are higher for you getting the job when you’re an internal candidate.  A lot of companies also welcome getting experience in different departments if that’s something that you desire.

It can hurt you financially.  A lot of times, hopping from job to job can hurt you financially.  You get your last paycheck from your most recent job, but than you may end up waiting up to three weeks before you can see a paycheck because of when you came in and started your first day.  If you don’t already have money saved up, you can be put into a financial burden.

Basically, I said all of this to say, if you’re in a position and you don’t like, try to stick it out for at least 6 months or if your resume is choppy, for a year.

Emotional Contagion

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to the Friend Zone podcast on Emotional Contagion.  In the episode, Fran was talking about Facebook’s Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment.  Basically, Facebook skewed about 700,000 what users saw when they logged in.  Some people saw happy post and positive words, while others saw sadder than average content.  Based off of what the Facebook users saw, they either posted happy or sad words themselves.  From this experiment, they found that by manipulating the News Feed displayed to 689,003 Facebook users, it could affect the content which those users posted to Facebook.

To me, this just goes to show how much time we are spending on social media and the types of effects it has on us.  And to think, this experiment happened in 2012 and a lot of people, to include those who were manipulated don’t know anything about this experiment.  We also don’t know if any other social media sites have done experiments such as this.

In the episode, they went on to discuss how a lot of social media sites, track the sites that you’ve visited or even listen to your conversations and that’s how and why ads start to pop up on the social media sites after you’ve exited those websites or finished those conversations.  I first started noticing it a while back about different social media platforms showing ads of things that I’ve recently been talking about, but it literally happened that night after I listened to the podcast.  I’ve been needed some new pre-workout and I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone and about how I need some and that I wanted to try some new flavors and later on that night, I logged onto Facebook and I started seeing all types of ads for C4 Pre-workout.  It can be creepy sometimes because technology has so much power that we don’t even know or pay attention to sometimes.

After listening to this episode, I started to think about all the negative effects that I feel like social media has had on me personally and than I looked up the different types of effects that some studies have shown social media has on our mental health. For me, the effects that social media has on my mental is that it’s addictive, I compare my live to others, it doesn’t make me more social, and I use it as a way to escape.

Addictive.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I usually do is open all of my social media apps to see what I’ve missed since I’ve been asleep.  When I’m bored at work or in a social setting, I scroll through my social media apps.  It’s almost as if, I can’t live without them and I need to be in them at all times when possible.  In the episode of the podcast, Fran mentioned if you can’t necessarily stop being on social media than to limit your time on the app.  Maybe go brush your teeth and wash your face and take a shower and eat breakfast before you open your apps.  Read a book for 30 minutes before you go to bed as opposed to looking at your apps before you go to bed.  Just do something other than immediately hopping on to your social apps when you first wake up.

Comparing My Life to Others. I do this a lot.  I see those who are living their dreams and their best life and I immediately get jealous and envious of those who are doing the things I want to be doing.  I will sometimes this could be a good thing, because you’ll see someone making moves and you realize you need to step it up and get on it with starting and doing whatever it is that you want to do in life.  Sometimes, I’ll see couples on Instagram and would wish that I could be in a relationship or I’ll see someone who is physically fit and compare myself to them.  Overall, I compare a lot of things I see on social media and wish that it was happening to my life.  As much time that I spend wishing, I could be out here doing.

It doesn’t make me any more social.  Whenever I’m out in a social setting and I begin to feel awkward or I don’t have anything to say, I immediately open my phone and begin scrolling down my timelines.  I was out eating with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend and I was on Instagram and my mom mentioned how I was always on my phone and on Instagram and it really made it think, like damn, am I really on my phone that much?

Escapism.  I did a post a while back about escapism vs. self care.  A lot of times, if I am stressed or if I don’t feel like doing work, whether it’s school or work, I tend to open my social media apps and can sometimes get lost for hours upon hours and feel like I’ve escaped the real world and my responsibilities for the time being.

In conclusion, I feel like social media is determential to our mental health and well-being and I want to encourage everyone to take break from social media and do other things.  I know it can be hard and it’s almost kind of like, well what would I do if I’m not on social media, so I came up with a list of things you could do:

write, blog, workout, call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, learn something new, listen to music and clean your house, paint, start a new project, read a book, pay a bill, prep your next meal, get to know yourself, spend time with God, etc.  There are a ton of things you could do besides get on social media.  I’m winging myself off social media one social media app at a time.  I’ve deactivated my Snapchat and after 30 days it’ll completely deletes and I let mine get completely deleted.  I’m not saying you guys have to deactivate your apps (you can simply just delete the apps off your phone).  I started with Snapchat because it was the app I used the least.  After I let Snapchat delete completely, I decided to deactivate my IG, however after a week(which was usually the time frame I could last without it), I reactived, however after my birthday, I deleted my IG and it’s been about a month now and I have no urge whatsoever to reactivate it.  Maybe later this year or sometime next year, but right now, I’m fine without it.  The only social media I am struggling with is Twitter.  Twitter is just so damn funny and my source of entertainment and I’m not really sure what I’d do without it.   Please feel free to let me know in the comment section, what effects social media has had on you, things you’ve done in the past to spend less time on your social media apps, and what you think on the overall topic.


Jas ❤

10 Ways to Stay Inspired

The other night, I was working on a project.  Around 9 or so, I got tired and decided to shut my computer down and go to bed for the night.  At night time, I put my phone loud just in case an emergency was happening and I need to be able to hear my phone.  Well ding my phone went as soon as I cut the light off and laid my head on the pillow.  It was my brother and I knew it was him because he has a distinctive text tone. I thought what is he doing up this late at night, he’s usually asleep by now, so of course it triggers me to get up and go check out the text.  He’d sent me a link to an article, “Ellen Pompeo, TV’s $20 Million Woman, Reveals Her Behind-the-Scenes Fight for “What I Deserve” | Hollywood Reporter

I read the article in its entirety, however the only thing that stood out to me was this paragraph, “The result: Pompeo’s new pact will have her earning more than $20 million a year – $575,000 per episode, along with a seven-figure signing bonus and two full backend equity points on the series, estimated to bring in another $6 million to $7 million.  She also will get a producing fee plus backend on this spring’s Grey’s spin-off as well as put pilot commitments and office space for her Calamity Jane production company on Disney’s Burbank lot.”

I texted my brother and asked, “Where do I go wrong in life?” I’m literally living paycheck to paycheck and sometimes have to choose between getting gas or groceries.  And he replies, “You’re still young with no kids.  ITS NOT TOO LATE! 30 year old Jasmines struggles and/or successes will be determined by what 24 year old Jasmine does.” It immediately triggered me to get up out the bed and begin working on my project that I was just working on.  Can I pause and tell you guys a story? So, every since November, I’ve been working on a Stationery Line, coming up with designs, brand logo, etc.  I had everything saved on a flash drive.  The night before my brother sends me this text message, I went in to go upload all my files onto a website so that I can get a prototype of what I am currently working on priced and made, but OF COURSE, my flash drive would could not be recognized.  I hooked up it up to my personal laptop and to my work laptop and NOTHING.  I honestly had a nervous breakdown and COULD NOT STOP CRYING.  I started thinking all of my struggles and how I was upset that this happened because I see myself as being the next Lily Pulitzer, Wink Wink Co., Rifle Paper Co., mintgreen or just one of those stationery companies that’s sold inside of TJ Maxx/Marshall’s or Walmart/Target.  However, after a hour or so of crying, talking to God and listening to some Gospel music, I got myself together and I started everything over from scratch and even came up with a different idea for what I had been working on.

Anyone, my brother saying that it’s not too late for me and that what I do now will take care of me once I am 30, made me motivated and determined.  My brother also told me that he’s enrolled back into, although this is his 5th or so enrolling ‘back’ into school.  But his plans are to eventually go and get into Nursing School and be done by 2020, take a couple of years off and go back to become a doctor.  And although he has gone back to school and not finished SO many times, I have complete faith in him.  This is our year to get started on the things that we want in life and that’s what this blog post is about.  How to stay inspired when you’re feeling uninspired to accomplish your goals.

Write down your ideas. Yes, write them down. Every single one.  It’ll help you, keep on track with your thoughts and ideas so that you don’t forget them and two, it’s a way of holding yourself accountable of the ideas you have written down and getting them implemented.  Write now, I currently have a lot of my ideas that I have planned for my stationery business written down and pinned to my bulletin board.

Change your routine. Maybe you’re not feeling inspired to change or grow because you’re doing the same routine over and over again and you’ve become complacent with your life.  I know I’ve gotten to that point, I wake up, go to work, go to the gym, come home eat, take a shower, and watch a show or two before bed and repeat.  On the weekends, I’d wake up, go to the gym, eat, go to a store or two, eat, watch TV and repeat.  However, I’m realizing that maybe I should go to the library or to Starbucks instead of going to the gym so that I can feel inspired to get things going as far as my goals.  Go to an art museum, symposium or join a group to switch things up a little.  When you have a change of scenery, you become more inspired.

Declutter your space. This is also very important.  Sometimes, my apartment can be a complete mess.  When my apartment is a mess, I feel a mess and don’t feel like doing anything.  However, once I clean my spot up, I feel more refreshed and like I can conquer the world.

Pin Up Motivational Prints. The article that I mentioned and linked above, has definitely been printed out.  Articles on stationery companies and how they got started are pinned on my bulletin board.  I’ve also found advice and steps on how to get the ball going on my business as well, pinned up.  Motivational quotes are all around my house, you guys know how in Being Mary Jane, Mary Jane had sticky notes all around her house with affirmations? Me. Guilty AF.

Read a book or magazine. Just like a lot of people can get invested in a TV Show and want to become an actress, producer, or director (or am I the only one who gets inspired to do one of the three while watching TV?), you can become inspired by the books or magazines you read.  If you’re reading a book about happiness, you may get inspired to take some tips from the book and become happy or if you’re reading a magazine, you may become inspired to be a journalist or blogger.

Discover new music. Discovering new music is honestly one of the best feelings in the world.  Spotify, which I definitely recommend and prefer over any other music streaming app, to include iTUNES, is a great music source for playlist.  As I’ve mentioned before HeyFranHey has a couple of playlist on Spotify and each of them have introduced me into new music, new artists, new talent, new creatives who have all inspired me to get some get up and go about myself.

Collaborate with others. This one is extremely important.  I will admit, that I lack in this area of collaborating with others, but I think it’s extremely important because if you’re not feeling inspired, but whoever you’re collaborating with is, they can have a positive affect on you causing you to become inspired.  Also, they may have some ideas that can help you out or some connections that you may need in order to do whatever it is that you’re looking to do.

Go Somewhere New. A new and unseen scene can definitely inspire you.  Something in that new scene that you’ve never seen before can spark you to do something new or trigger something in you to become motivated.

Don’t Give Up. This is also extremely important.  When I had my nervous breakdown, I definitely felt like giving up on my stationery dreams.  I felt like, maybe my flash drive stopped working for a reason and that this isn’t the route for me to go.  However, I didn’t give up and I actually came up with different and possibly better ideas for what I want to do.

Have fun.  No matter what you do in life, don’t give up on your goals and dreams!! You never know what may turn out from them.

What are things you do to keep inspired?