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Liquid Gold (Oils to Try for different desires)

oil to try

Have you tried different pills or Flat Tummy Tea because your favorite IG Influencer says she uses it and it works but when you try the pills and tea you see ZERO results? Try these more natural alternatives of essential oils to get the results you’re try to achieve. I can definitely attest that grapefruit helps burn fat and are a waist shrinker.  🙂

The Good Reads


A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton G. Malkiel takes on a number of investing strategies, axioms, truisms, and superstitions. The central premise of Malkiel’s book is that low-cost index funds will serve the individual investor better than any other strategy for choosing stocks.


The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is about one night, Starr goes to a party in Garden Heights and she meets her childhood best friend, Khalil. When he drives her home after the party, they are stopped by a policeman. Khalil is forced to get out of the car and the police officer shoots him, even though he was unarmed.  The movie adaptation of the book will be coming out this October!


Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan casts an intimate look at the burdens and blessings of family and speaks to trusting your own judgment even when others don’t agree. McMillan’s signature voice and unforgettable characters bring universal issues to brilliant, vivid life.


In Deep Shelter by Oliver Harris, Detective Nick Belsey is plunged into a perplexing mystery of secrets, danger and suspense beneath the city’s streets.

3 Ways to Make Moves to Become Successful At What You Want To Do

  1. Visualize – Think about what you want to be successful at. Visualize it.  How do you see yourself, where do you see yourself, how do you see your daily workflow, how do you see yourself getting to that moment, how do you see yourself handling any problems that may come up? Clear your mind and drown out everything around you and see what YOU think your successful future looks like.
  2. Unplug – Unplug from social media/digital distractions.  When you’re on social media or so plugged into TV or your computer, you begin to either envy the people you see or steal what they are doing as opposed to using your own creative mind.  However if you unplug you’ll see how you want to be successful and you will get the ball rolling on taking the necessary steps to get to where you are trying to get to.  Social media and digital distractions can pull you away from productivity and sometimes you can get so deep into the distractions and forget what you wee doing in the first place.
  3. Plan, Organize and Do – After you visualize what you see a successful, make a plan to set your visuals into motion. How are you going to get to do your daily job you visualized? Are you going to go to school? Are you going to get an internship? Are you going to talk to somebody at your current job that works in the department you want to get into? Plan it out.  After you plan, organize how you’re going to set these visualizations into motion.  What are you going to do first? How are you going to get to do it? After you plan and organize, do! Go enroll into school, go talk to that Director of said dream job, network, etc.

I Stopped Sleeping With My Phone in My Room

Before you go to bed and when you first wake up, what is the first thing you usually do? Check your phone right? Whether it’s checking your text messages, laughing at your Twitter TL or liking some pictures on Instagram. Usually when I lay down, I would have just looked at my phone no less than 10 minutes prior and when I can’t go to sleep, I’ll turn over and pick my phone and scroll through the TL for another 30 minutes before I’m like, “Okay Jasmine, it’s time for bed.” However, I felt like it was making me more tired in the morning obviously, prevented me from actually going to bed and prevented me from getting out of the bed in the morning.

I saw xoNecole mention how she stopped sleeping with her phone in the room, so that’s what I did. I went to Walmart and bought a cheap, $5 alarm clock and used that as my alarm clock instead of my phone.  I usually sleep in the front room on the couch, so I put my phone on the charger in my room at least an hour before I decided to get in the bed and would read a book or write my thoughts out instead.

I felt myself less drawn to social media as the days went by. I already don’t use Instagram or Snapchat, but Twitter became less of a daily news outlet/comedic relief for me and a more of a, “Dang, I have that app on my phone still?” I was able to immediately get up in the mornings, which is something I began to struggle with. My alarm would go off at 5:00am and I would hit the snooze button about twice, but after the second time I’d normally get up, but recently I had been struggling to get up anytime before 5:30am. But like I mentioned, I was able to get immediately up, get myself ready for the day and have breakfast, something I was never able to do.

I also downloaded an app called Wakeout. Wakeout is an app that wakes its users by exercising.  Waking up by exercising, I know sounds horrible right? But it was very effective and it’s not strenuous workouts.  Maybe it’s something like lifting your pillow a couple of times or stretching your toes out.  You can get a 14 day free trial but after that $7.49/mo (billed monthly), $3.75/mo ($44.99 billed annually) or a $99.99 one time fee and it’s forever yours!

If you need something to help waking you up in the morning, try both of these tactics!


Jas ❤

9 Ways to Handle a Slow Day at Work

We all have those days at work, where we are completely bored and have nothing to do because we’ve completed our work for the day.  Well, I tend to have them on a daily basis.  I come in at 7:00am and by 9:30am, I have absolutely completed every “Suggested Daily Task” possible and have learned how to use my time wisely.

Work on a side hustle.  Whatever your side hustle is, whether it’s a business doing meal prepping, creating shirts or blogging, work on that.  A lot of times we’re too tired after work to even do our side hustle, so why not make use of the down time at work to do this.

Listen to podcasts/audiobook. YES! This will definitely make the day go by a little faster. Most podcasts drop their new episodes the morning of whatever day of the week it is that they release a new episode.  My favorite podcasts are: Small Doses, Crime Junkie, 2 Dope Queens, The Read, The Friend Zone, Yes, Girl!, and The Breakfast Club.  I’ve never listened to audiobooks, however I believe this is also a good alternative to a podcast.

Update Resume/LinkedIn. Updating your resume and Linkedin is definitely a good way to make use of your time when you have nothing else to do. I’m probably on LinkedIn more than what I should be throughout the workday. But if you haven’t updated your resume and/or LinkedIn with your current job, now is the time.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn, now would be the perfect time to get one and start networking.

Track Accomplishments. At work I do a lot of things that I feel like that don’t get acknowledged.  Mainly because I am not like other co-workers or co-worker, who likes to brag to the boss what they have or have not done.

Network. At my old job at Nestle USA, there was a HR Manager who was a black woman and I admired so much.  I thought she was the bomb, she walked around with confidence and she was in a management role, a role that I eventually want to be in someday.  She was also the HR Business Partner that I worked with quite a bit.  I always said that I would send her an e-mail or just put an appointment on her calendar for us to meet and talk, but I never did and I regret it.  So, in your down time, network with those in leadership position or in positions that you want to be in someday.  Get to know them on a professional and personal level, allow them to become your mentor so that they can help you in many ways than not.

Evaluate your goals and intentions. What do you want to do in your future career? Eventually I want to be a Director of Talent Acquisition and/or VP, Talent Acquisition, but before I get there, there are steps I have to take.  I have to become a Talent Acquisition Specialist, then Talent Acquisition Partner, then Talent Acquisition Manager, etc.  I always look at Talent Acquisition Specialist jobs and their job responsibilities and see how I can tie that into my current job so that when I go to apply to that TA Specialist role, I’ll have the experience on my resume.

Learn. Learn new things.  Learn how a process work at your job that you haven’t used yet, cross-train in another department that you may have an interest in, read some news article or articles that are shared often on LinkedIn.  Learn something new.

Improve a process. This is very important if you’re trying to move ahead in the company.  It let’s the leadership team know that you are invested in the company, you work diligently and use your free time wisely.  This is also important as you may notice a process that could be improved and others may feel the same way, but they don’t know how to improve it or are afraid to speak, so if you do it, you can be the voice of everyone.

Catch up/get ahead. You’ve done all your task that’s due for the day, how about you get a head and start working on things that are due tomorrow or the next day? Or if you are behind on something, work on that.

Regardless there is always something you could be doing in order to occupy your time at work.

Positive Affirmations You Should Tell Yourself Daily


  1. My past is not a reflection of my future
  2. I choose peace
  3. I deserve to have joy in my life
  4. I’m worthy of love
  5. I’m calm, happy and content
  6. I don’t need someone else to feel happiness
  7. Difficult times are part of my journey and allow me to appreciate the good
  8. I am enough
  9. I’m bold, brilliant and beautiful
  10. I’m compassionate with myself and others
  11. I am my best source of motivation
  12. I deserve what I want
  13. I let go of fearing mistakes and failure
  14. Everything is possible
  15. I only compare myself to myself
  16. Today, I choose to think positive
  17. I am capable of so much
  18. I accept who I am
  19. I am healthy and filled with energy
  20. I am worthy