Thrifting and Trendy

My new love of thrifting has put shopping in a whole new perspective for me. I mean, why pay more than $10-$15 when I can get pants, shirts, sweatshirts, or anything else at places like Goodwill? 

For those who might find it a bite gross at the idea of wearing people’s old clothes, I get it, I was like that too. My advice is to make sure that the consignment shop you are buying from cleans their donations they get. I clean my new findings one or two times before I actually wear, just to give myself a peace of mind the clothes are fresh and clean.

Picking Out Where to Thrift

Places like Goodwill are stores that make me feel good about spending money I don’t need to be spending. Goodwill gets their clothes from various donations, which makes the shopping experience very interesting and different each time. The profits that are made, go straight to helping those in needs, so why not pay cheap to help out others who might need it most?

Where I live, Goodwill and Karm are the two mains consignment shops near me, I just happen to find more trendy things at Goodwill. Don’t ever be afraid to walk into any consignment stores, because you never know what you will find. 

Going Shopping

Thrift shopping is like TJMAXX, you either want to buy everything, or you find nothing. When going shopping, don’t expect to find a bunch of design brands for super cheap, because most of the time you will not. Keep an open mind.

Sections to Shop

My favorite part of the store to shop is the belts and scarfs section. I have never spent more than $2 on a belt while thrift shopping, I now have 25 belts. Some might be a little beat up, but keep looking, because I have come across very basic wardrobe essentials, to very 80’s retro style, to just weird.

Here are a few examples of the unique and designer name belts I have found.

The scarf section is my new love. Those cute scarves’ you see people wearing in their hair? Consignment stores. It’s always different patterns each time I go, and $1.99 for each, compared to $8-$20 retail stores. 

My favorite way to use the small scarves to complete my outfit. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

The men’s section is where I thrive. Oversized sweaters and sweatshirts are cheap, broken in, and cute. These items are like wearing your boyfriends clothes without the boyfriend! I have gotten $5 oversized flannels, $3 sweater, and my favorite, $4.99 vintage jackets. 

My favorite finds in the oversized sweatshirts, especially the oversized flannels!

The women section is where I look last because by this point, my hands are full. This section can be overwhelming for me. Either the there’s just too much clothes for me to go through, or I don’t know what I am looking for. The best luck I have found, is jeans for $12, which are my new favorite black going out jeans. 

Here are some cute tight fitted going out jeans I found for $12, they are now my go to jeans!

Depending on you’re the consignment store you go to, always go look at the designer section. When I go to big cities, I always find old designer bags and sunglasses for 75% the original price tag. I have never lucked out with something I needed, but still love seeing what other’s have donated. 

Post Thrifting

Share your wealth the all your friends. I am that girl who is always posting on their Instagram story about the cute vintage jacket for $4.99. I got so many questions about my new clothes, and everyone is always shocked by the price tag!

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If you are anything like me, you never throw away clothes because you feel like one day you might wear that top, but you know you wont. Or your favorite jeans from 3 years ago, maybe they’ll come back in style, or you’ll fit in them again. DONATE!! Your trash might be another women’s treasure. Donate and help men and women make fashion affordable again.

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