5 Conferences that Women Need to Attend to Level Up

According to a stat from Create + Cultivate, 1,821 new businesses are started by women every day. Yes, that is a day. Women are becoming more passionate, hard-working and determined to excel in entrepreneurship and advancing our careers. And I believe these 5 conferences, that you should go to as well, are helping women achieve their goals.

Create + Cultivate

Date: May 4th, 2019

Location: New York City

This is a one day conference filled with panels, pop ups,mic drop moments, power hours, delicious food, cocktails and all the things you have to come to know and love from C&C. The core focus of this conference is to entertain, enlighten and inform women around key topics such as side hustles, digital landscape, entrepreneurship and real talk on being modern working women. You can choose from two tracks: #1 – focused around entrepreneurship, advancing your career and growing your brand. #2 – Geared toward social media, marketing and content creation.

Boss Women Media

Boss Women Media is hosting their first ever Black Girl Magic Tour in different cities.

Dates: February 16th, 2019, February 23rd, 2019, March 2nd, 2019, March 9th, 2019 and March 16th, 2019

Location: Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, New York (Respective to dates above)

The core focus of this tour is to connect, engage and inform women around key topics surrounding entrepreneurship, side hustling, tools and resources you need as a modern working woman. Some key notes speakers you may recognize include Jade Kendle, Mattie James, Arielle WIlburn, etc.

The Girlboss Rally

Date: June 2019

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Part conference part experiential inspiration wonderland, the Girlboss Rally has taken the tired conference world by storm, creating a space for the next generation of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and thought leaders to meet, hatch plans, and thrive together.

The Great Girlfriends Conference

Dates: July 13 – 15, 2019

Location: New York CIty

This is a conference for you to gather up your girls to give other girlfriends the power to take the reigns, lead the charge and get the results so that we can move a nation of women forward. What you can expect is to connect, plug into panels and your ideas into motion, pop-up shops, a town hall relationship Q + A, and dance breaks with a live DJ.


Date: June 7 – 8, 2019

Location: Atlanta, GA

Summit21 has two tracks. One track is entrepreneurship focused, where if you have a side hustle or business, you can join top CEOs and learn how they built their business, or you can do the leadership track. This track includes in-depth discussions and workshops to develop your skills and power as a leader.

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