The Social Media Diet

Disclaimer: Yes I know these suggestions are harder said that done and you will find yourself breaking my rules, I do it sometimes. These steps are just what I have learned to save my sanity and self esteem in a world where we live our lives online.  

Starter Pack: Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Accepting that there are people who will always be smarter, skinnier, funnier, prettier, richer, blah blah blah, you name it, but this is your life, so focus it on you. 

Understand that everyone is put on this earth for their own unique reason. We are all different, so comparing the little things to one another is waste of time. Realistically, it’s human nature to compare, but once we stop trying to be like someone else, the more we can be happy with who we are.

The Cleanse: Social media is part of our day to day life, regardless if you admit so. We love to creep our ex’s, celebrities, and just random people we stumble upon. Creeping is fine, keep doing it girl, but unfollow those people who bring you down. Silly I know, but I personally do not need to see the girl from high school who spread a mean rumor about me, or my old high school friends who made me feel less than them. Unfollow, goodbye, cute pictures, but you do not need to see people who have ever made you feel less than your best self. Get rid of that negativity on your phone, unfollowing, though small, will give you back that power to not worry about what certain people think you and what you are posting.

Do you for you: It’s goes without saying that as long as you are not hurting others, do what makes you happy. Social media has consumed our lives, and the need to post our daily lives all over the internet for others to see how our lives are going. So without those negative people in our feed, this when you need to post what ever you want. You must be thinking, of course, I already do that? Well I am talking about that selfie you took last week where you are wearing that bomb new outfit, and your makeup looks on point. We all know you have those selfies where you are feeling yourself. Post it, don’t worry about what others might think, your social media isn’t for them, it’s for you. Post it, share your self love with the rest of the world. Confidence inspires.

The cleanse part two: Whether you have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or whatever else, you need to say bye to it. There are times where I feel anxiety about what everyone else is doing, which leads to comparing myself to them, and wondering what they think of me. For me, Snapchat and Instagram is what I am constantly checking to see what others are doing. So I delete it. Give yourself that space from social media, it does not have to be forever, but at least a few days. You will be surprised how often you will find yourself grabbing your phone looking to check the most recent posts. Once you learn to stop looking to check on stories and posts of others, the quicker you learn to not care. Spend that time living for you and living in the moment. 

In a world where social media can impact your self-esteem, it is important to step back and focus on you. Besides, social media was made to connect with others and have fun while doing it!

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