How to Throw the Perfect Girlfriend Brunch At Home

Getting together with your girl friends on a Sunday evening for brunch is always nothing but fun and good vibes! When I lived in Nashville, my line sisters and I would always meet up somewhere downtown Nashville to have Sunday brunch! However, switching it up and having brunch at your house can be just as if not more fun than going out somewhere.  Next time you and your girl friends bring up brunch, mention having one at your house. Of course, first you must know how to throw the perfect girlfriend brunch.


Decoration is extremely important if you want it to feel like a brunch spot! It sets the tone of the event and it gives the feel and vibe that you’re actually out somewhere and not at someone’s home.  Pick a theme for the brunch and use that as your leverage.  Get plates, cups and napkins that support the theme.  Centerpieces such as balloons or streamers can be really helpful for brunch at your house. IKEA, Urban Outfitters, and TJ Maxx have the perfect decoration you can use. 


Have an amazing menu is the most important part of any brunch, at your home or out at a brunch spot.  The common brunch menu items are eggs, bacon, fruit and some type of bread (waffle, pancake, or just plain bread).


I say brunch is NEVER complete without mimosas, so this should definitely be on the list of cocktails, but if you want to spice it up and add other cocktails to the menu, bellinis and Bloody Marys are perfect as well.

Perfect Outfit

The last thing on the list to make sure you have the perfect brunch at your spot, is the make sure you have the perfect outfit to match.

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