Meal Prep Companies to Order From

We are in the times where people are starting to meal prep their lunch and dinner for the week! It’s honestly so much easier and saves you a lot of time throughout the week and prevents you from going to a fast food restaurant. What makes meal prepping even easier is being able to order from different meal prep companies who will allow you to customize you order and either deliver to you or you have to pick up from them and that saves you even more time! Below are a couple of companies you should order your next meal prep from.

We Prep, LLC

This is one of the few meal prep companies that will actually deliver to you no matter where you stay in the US.  The meals are already cooked and you can choose if you want meals that’ll help you lose weight or build muscle! They have breakfast and lunch options and obvisouly, you can use the lunch option for dinner if you choose too.

Eat Naked LA

Located in Hollywood, Eat Naked LA is very probably amongst celebrities and social influencers.  I’m actually pretty sure I found out about this company from Draya! They deliver only to local areas in LA and I believe you have to live so close to their location for them to deliver to you. I never got a chance to order from them when I lived out there, but there food absolutely looks bomb! You can get 10, 15, 20 or 25 meals a week and you can choose to either get it one time or subscribe weekly to get their meals.

Flex Pro Meals

Flex Pro Meals is another meal prep company that delivers across the United States. Again, they have meals that are catered to you losing weight or gain muscle.  It’s just all about what you want.

Icon Meals

Icon delivers across the United States as well! I think it’s great when the company delivers nationwide.  You may not like the places in your area, so to be able to branch is amazing! They have breakfast meals, snacks and apparel for you on their website.

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