Furnishing Your New Apartment

You just moved into an apartment for the first time, but don’t know how to decorate it? Check out what we think you should have in your first apartment below.

A living room set is always important piece in your new spot, especially when you are having company over. I mean, they do need somewhere to sit, right? This two piece living room set is from Wayfair. One of my favorite places to order furniture from at a good price for good quality.

Velvet Tufted Wingback Bed, $1,299 – $1,499

I know this is a bit pricey, however it’s cute and a bed is another important piece of furniture to have in your apartment. You do need somewhere to lay your head at night. Having a cute bed with a headboard is also important. This cute bed frame is from Urban Outfitters.

Unless you like eating on the bed or on the couch, a dining room table is also important. A table with 4 chairs if you always have a lot of company or are a recluse and don’t like a lot of people at your place, a smaller table with two chairs is a better option. This table piece is from iKEA.

It’s Friday night in and all your girls are over. After wine, food and good conversation, you party girls want to wine down for the night and watch Netflix movies and/or TV shows. An entertainment center is key! It’s also key if you guys aren’t watching Netflix and are just listening to music. This cute entertainment center is as Amazon.

Art work in your house is very telling in a persons home. It’s a great conversation especially when it’s something intriguing. I also believe that wall art describes your personality and sets the tone of a house. This art wall is from Etsy.

Bathroom Shelf, $108

Having an additional bathroom shelf in your bathroom is essential, especially as a woman who has a lot of make-up and hair products that go beyond the space that is already provided in a bathroom. This adorable bathroom shelf is from Wayfair.

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