10 Things I’ve Learned So Far From WorkParty by Jaclyn Johnson

Every since this book came out, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it to read all about Jaclyn’s story and how to create and cultivate the career of my dreams! I finally got the book about a week ago and it takes me forever to read a book, so I wanted to share 15 things I’ve learned so far from reading WorkParty by Jaclyn Johnson.

1. What is “WorkParty”? And how do I do this?

According to Jaclyn, WorkParty is the hard-work that the American dream is based on, but drive by passion rather than necessity.  When you’re workpartying, you don’t clock in or out, but tune into every minute because you are a part of something you love.  What I took from this is that, in order to WorkParty, your everyday job is not necessarily a job, but a career. A career that you love and wake up everyday wanting to go to.

2. You Can’t Fear What You Haven’t Figured Out.

Don’t be afraid to do something as you don’t know if you fear it or not, because you haven’t done anything to figure out what you want to do.  You want to make that leap and move to LA? DO IT.  You want to start that blog? that podcast? that clothing line? DO IT.

3. Be able to take rejection.

“Feel genuinely comfortable with everyone telling you no.” Obviously, you’re going to get a couple of no’s when you’re first starting out in beginning a business.  You need money to fund it, but the company you were asking the money from, didn’t see your vision? That’s okay, be able to take that no, revamp your business plan and crush that shit the next time.

4. Never respond to a Craigslist Job Posting…

Never respond to a Craigslist Job Posting that reads, “Seeking Female Account Executive Interested in Fashion and the Internet.” Although, like Jaclyn it could be a step towards your career in the field you’re looking to go into, so hmm…tempting.

5. We Women Are So Unbelievably Hard on Ourselves

at moments of weakness but in reality, most of the time people aren’t thinking about you.  If you’re like me, I worry a lot about what people think about me on a normal basis, but in a time of weakness? I’m definitely unbelievably hard on myself.  Like Jaclyn mentioned, you have to get over that shit and realize that most people aren’t really thinking about you.  She needed to send out that e-mail to her connects to let them know she was looking for a job and was open to freelancing and guess what? The started rolling with jobs, slowly, but surely.

6. “I am an independent woman in a long line of women who have failed before they’ve succeeded.”

I took this as a motivation quote.  A quote to never give up on your dreams, no matter how many times you’ve failed or feel like giving up, because at the end of the day, there has been plenty of women before you who have failed at what you’re currently trying to achieve, but remained consistent and succeeded.

7. “Be a fucking pleasure to work with.” – Jackie-ism.

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.  If nobody wants to work with you because of your attitude or how you run/operate things, you’re not going to have employees.  Be a pleasure to work with.  As your employee, I want to be able to brag about my boss and the company.

8. At moments, you’re a CEO and at others, you’re everything else from..

Bartenders, wait staff, cleaning crew and security.  You do anything and everything to keep your events on budget, the lights on and the client happy.  I’ve never thought about it this way.  If you’re CEO that doesn’t mean that anything dealing with YOUR company is beneath you.  If you have to fucking scrub down the tables to make sure your clients are happy, DO IT.

9.Confidence begets Confidence.

Even if you’re not confident in yourself, fake it.

10. Working in a male-dominated industry is NOT impossible

but it will require longer hours, harder work and some kind of sedative for all the imposter syndrome talks you’re going to have with yourself.

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