New Christmas Eve Traditions You Can Start

Christmas Eve has many of its own traditions and customs that families partake in.  My family don’t have any traditions, however I wanted to begin some this year.  Here are a couple of things I’m going to get my family to start doing and you van get your family to do as well!

Peppermint Pig

A tradition started by Victorians who believe that pigs are a sign of good luck.  Order a peppermint pig and smash it after dinner.  Share the candy with everyone who’s present and it’s good luck for the rest of the year.

New Pajamas

Start a tradition where everyone in the family gets new pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve.  Choose matching pajamas and pick a fun and silly theme for example, footy pajamas, cartoon characters, etc.

Christmas Pickle

Buy a pickle-shaped ornament and place it in the tree as the last ornament on Christmas Eve, making sure it’s hidden.  Whoever finds it gets an additional Christmas gift.

Reindeer Food

If you always make milk and cookies for Santa, how about you leave something behind for the reindeers this year as well.  Sprinkle outside before Santa arrives.

Magical Footprints

If you live in an area where there’s typically snow or even if you don’t live in an area with snow (use flour), on Christmas Eve, after you’ve left out the milk and cookies and the kids are sleep, leave snowy footprints near the fireplace to make it look like Santa made his arrival.

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