Pros and Cons of Having a Roommate

I’ve had the privilege of living with roommates and living by myself in adulthood.  Currently, I live with my parents and I’ve been thinking heavily about whether or not I want to have a roommate once I decide to leave the nest again.  Having a roommate has it’s pros and cons and living by yourself has it’s pros and cons.  I would say in this economy, it’s probably better to live with a roommate, but let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


Save Money on Rent and Utilities – It’s definitely a lot cheaper on your pockets when you are splitting the cost of everything that comes with an apartment with someone.  Let’s think about a two bedroom apart could cost $900 (in the south of course, in LA a two bedroom is about $1,700 starting off) and split that between two people and that’s $450 a person, however if you get a one bedroom apart that’s $800.  Think about how much money you’d be saving if you have a roommate.

Built-in Friends – When I lived in Los Angeles with my cousin, it was an automatic friend (granted, we were cousins, but if we weren’t family, you catch my drift).  You can go shopping together, go out on the town together or grab something to eat together.  Regardless, it’ll be someone who is an automatic friend!

Shared Furnishings – Buying furniture can also get pretty experience for the common areas, but with a roommate, you can share the costing of everything.  The only bad thing about this is who will get everything once you gets decide to move out.


Missed Payments – When you sign a lease, you don’t sign individual leases (unless you are in college apartments), so if they do not have the money for their half, you are kind of screwed, because at the end of the day, both of your names are on the lease.  Either you will have to cover for them or they are going to have to make something shake to get their half of the rent.

Not a Clean Person – Having a nasty roommate is probably one of my biggest fears.  Nobody wants to live in filth and nobody wants to have a nasty roommate.  Someone who doesn’t wash dishes, takes the trash out, clean their room or the bathroom, etc.

Less Privacy – You ever want to have company over? Like a significant other? It’s kind of hard when your rooms are right next to each other and the walls are paper thin.  You have to be careful of what you are doing in the house.

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