New Goals to Set for 2019

Every year around this time, we all begin to write down our goals for the new year.  I believe the number two goals are always to start working out or to save money financially.  It seems as if, we’ll start off doing good with both, but then we begin to fall off from working out or your friends want to go on trips or life just happens and saving money goes down the drain.  How about we switch it up this year? Choose goals that we typically don’t set for ourselves when we go into the new year.  Here are some goals you should set for yourself in 2019.

Mental Health.  Please, please, please take care of your mental.  I think this is probably the number one thing that should be on your goals list if nothing else at all.  I think sometimes, we gt so caught up in what’s going on around us with our family, friends and work that we forget to check on ourselves

Meditate.  I believe this also goes hand in hand with taking care of your mental health.  Feeling stressed? Meditate.  Feeling irritated? Meditate.  Don’t know what to do? Meditate. Meditation can help with sleep and relieves stress.

Time management.  Let’s work on managing our time better so that we can actually get the shit we put on our goals list done.  You want to workout, work on that promotion and go back to school, but you don’t even know how to manage your time to do those three things.  Get an agenda and get on track to accomplishing your dreams.

Be less available on social media. I believe that social media takes up a lot of our time.  iPhone recently had an update that tells you at the end of the week what your screen time is.  If it’s more than 5+ hours, you need to re-evaluate.  That 5+ hours you used on social media could be going towards your goals.

Learn to say no.  Especially at work.  I am a firm believer in happiness in the workplace.  It’s definitely where you’ll be spending the majority of your time.  If your boss ask you to do something and you do not have the bandwidth, it’s okay to say no.  If your friends are asking you to go out and you do not have the money or you need to be doing your homework, it’s okay to say no.

Write a letter to future you.  So you have all of these goals for the new year right? How about you write a letter to your future self about how you accomplished all of those goals and how you got to where you wanted to be.  That way when your future self reads that letter, you can say, “I did that shit.”

Embrace your flaws.  We focus so much on what we want to perfect about ourselves, but we should also focus on what we love about ourselves, including the flaws.  I’ll start.  I have hip dips and I love that about myself.  What flaws do you have that you embrace?

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