8 Things to Keep in Your Emergency Work Bag

8 Things to Keep in Your Emergency Work Bag

We’ve all had that moment at work where an emergency happened and we needed something but didn’t have.  Some of us, live close enough to home to grab something or work for an organization that has a store that carries things you would need in case of an emergency, while the rest of us don’t have these resources and are sometimes screwed in emergencies.  However, if you keep these 8 things your emergency work bag, you do not have to worry in case of an emergency.

Painkillers. Throughout the day, you may get a headache, stomachache, backache, etc. Whatever kind of ache you get, if you have painkillers handy, you won’t have to deal with the pain all day.

Deodorant Wipes.  If you’re anything like me, you get nervous whenever you on the phone, in meetings in you have to give a presentation, or if you’re just doing a lot of running around and you end up sweating a lot.  However, if you have deodorant wipes with you, you don’t have to wear about smelling horrible.

Phone Chargers. This is THE most important thing I feel like your emergency bag should have.  You spend all day scrolling through social media on your phone, texting, listening to podcast and/or music, you do not want your phone to die on you throughout the work day and now you’re stuck with no communication with the outside world.

Vitamins. Most important energy and/or Vitamin C vitamins are important to keep you going throughout the day.

Headphones. This is probably THE second most important thing I feel like your emergency bad should have.  I listen to the Joe Budden Podcast and the Crime junkie podcast to keep me going throughout the day at work and I definitely need my headphones to do so.

Period Products. Sometimes, you never know when aunt flow may sneak up on you.  Having extra precautions and keeping period products on you at all times is key to a successful flow.

Cash. Your co-worker may randomly want to go grab food one day or maybe they are collecting money  for a potluck, if you have cash on you, you can always be prepared.  Cash is also important just in case of any type of emergency.  For example, I went to our store on site and I accidentally dropped my card in between a wall in the pay center.  I lost my card, but thank goodness I had cash on me so that I could buy something to snack on.

Notebook + pen. You never know what you will need to write down in a meeting!

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