Switching My Career to a Different Route


In November of 2016, I got my first job in Corporate America.  In an old blog post, I talked about my time in Corporate America and how I knew it wasn’t for me. Let alone a job where the majority of my time is sitting behind a desk, talk to candidates and making offers for those who are getting paid WAY more than me.  TUH! I’ve always been a creative individual.  I mean I went to school for fashion.  And I know astrology is cliche, but in an article I read on Girlboss, they talk about your work personality according to your sign.  For pisces, “Creative and soulful, you are drawn to fields where you can express you deep well of creativity. Pisces, are attracted to creative fields like music, beauty and entertainment because of their penchant for creating rich fantasies – fantasies that provide a form of healing and escape.”

I’d been working in HR for two years now and I was growing tired of it. I didn’t feel like I was using my creative mind that I knew I had.  I had either wanted to get back in fashion or get back into social media.  Two fields that would allow me to be as creative as I wanted to be.

After I walked in May for graduation, I didn’t technically graduate until August because I had to take an internship course.  I ended up landing an intern as a Fashion Marketing Intern with a company known as God’s Princess Clothing. With this company, I learned what I wanted to do, Social Media.  I started as an intern and was kept on after the internship as a Virtual Assistant (Social Media Coordinator).  I did that for about another 3 months and that’s when my life started spiraling out of control with my career. But like I said before, the more I worked my HR job, the more I wanted to get back into social media.  I started applying to social media jobs again, but it was extremely difficult to transition from HR to Social Media.  What I did, however was started looking for internships instead.  The website, internships.com, has a lot of cool social media internships. I started applying and getting those and so I would add them onto my resume to get that Social Media experience! Once I worked an internship or two, I updated my resume with all of my social media experience and skills and put it out there on the internet.

Normally, the first thing I do in the morning is open the Indeed app.  I know most people open Instagram or Twitter, but Indeed was my go-to.  A new job had been posted by a temp agency as a Social Media Specialist.  I saved the job and sent it to myself to apply later on in the job.  Before I had a chance to revisit that job and apply to it, a different temp agency actually reached out to me to let me know that she found my resume online and thought I would be a good fit for this role!  I set-up a job interview with her, as well as job interviews to have some side social media interviews.  I landed two social media internships and the job as a Social Media Specialist and that’s basically how I switched my career path!  My advice for anyone looking to change career paths is to do the following:

1. Pick up a side job in the career field you’re trying to go into.  For example, for me I wanted to get into social media, so I picked up social media internships to boost my resume.  If you want to get into fashion styling, maybe pick up a part-time job as a visual merchandiser or stylist at a retail store.  If you want to get into HR, shadow someone in the HR department at your current job and put that on your resume.  Whatever field you are trying to get into and you have zero experience in it, do whatever you can to get at least something related to it to go in that direction.

2. Further your education.  For me, when I was going in the direction of HR, I started a Master’s program in Organizational Leadership so that it’d look better on my resume as opposed to a degree in Fashion.  Now that I am going in the direction of Social Media/Brand Management, I’ve transferred to a different school to a Media Management program.  If you are looking to switch gears, maybe go get a certificate in the field you want to go into or if you don’t have a degree at all, find a school that offers online programs so that you can get an associate or bachelor’s degree so you can get to where you’re trying to go.

3. Never give up.  No matter how much self-doubt, low self-confidence or opinions of others that come your, never give up on your dreams! I don’t care if your dream is to be the next mothafucking President of the United States and all you’ve done your life is work at FedEx as a Material Handler.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

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