Choosing Between Stability or Passion


If you were given the opportunity to leave your current job to take a job in the career field that you WERE extremely passionate, but take a major pay cut, would you? I asked this question on both Twitter and Instagram and I got the same results from both social sites.  56% said yes, they would take the pay cut and the other 44% said that they wouldn’t.

One person who said that they would take the pay cut said the following, “I would 100% rather do something that I love and enjoy doing rather than having a big paycheck and hating my job. my pay doesn’t determine my happiness but my impact on the world and community and doing something where I can make a change does!” She also says, “If your job is more fulfilling it makes your life have much more of a purpose!”

A different person who said no said the following, “No ma’am. I’m not good with adjusting lifestyles. I’m already used to spending and budgeting the money I earn now. to decrease that amount would be a struggle.” I then asked, “What about your happiness? What if you’re not happy at you job? But you know that take the pay cut would bring peace, less stress and happiness and finding your purpose in life. Would you still not take the pay cut?” She replied with the following, “Me personally? No. I know some who would prefer to wait until they find the right job or take a pay cut. I’d prefer to be stable and find happiness and peace through other avenues until I find the right job with the pay, and speaks to my passion.”

Me personally, I am a BIG ADVOCATE for your happiness at the workplace.  It is a place where you spend about 8-10 hours, 5 days a week at.  You’re spending a good chunk of your time at this place and if you’re not happy, you need to find somewhere else to go.  I also believe that everyone has a purpose in life and if you don’t think that your current job is feeding into your purpose in life, why are you there? You can’t put a price on happiness.  If you’re not happy, but another job that you are more passionate about, another job that you know you’d enjoy more comes up, TAKE IT.  You never know what that pay cut could turn into a year or two years from now.

Whatever your dreams are or whatever you are passionate about, DON’T GIVE UP ON THAT due to self-doubt, lack of confidence, lack of pay or other people’s opinion.  Do what you love and adjust accordingly to the pay cut!

I personally am going through this situation right now.  I’ve being praying to God and will continue to pray to God in hopes that he will lead me into the right direction! Hopefully an amazing six month or a year update will follow this post.

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