5 Smartphone Apps You Should Download Today


Twine is an app for saving and investing.  You need to save/invest for a home, wedding, upcoming vacation? Download Twine to help you out.


Shine sends you a daily test to help you thrive.  I know we’ve all have been having a bad day and someone post something, tells you something or sends you something that would brighten your day, Shine does exactly that!


Frotorial is a fun app, specifically for women of color to share hair routines progress and favorite hair products with others. You can search natural hair salons in your area and if you are a natural hairstylist, you can sign your shop up on the app as well!


Moodpath is an app to monitor and reflect your mood, answer questions about your mental wellbeing, get psychological assessment, understand your symptoms of depression, etc. Mental health can sometimes be a hard topic to speak, but it is also an EXTREMELY important topic to speak on!


Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker app is important for obvious reasons.  It’s important if you like to track your periods and if you are trying to get pregnant to see when you are ovulating.

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