Let’s Make ‘Em Whistle Y’all

Y’all remember back in 2005, we were talking about how we wanted one of them country boys? Or how we were still in love with our fake boo? What about in 2007, when he was giving you rush everytime that he came around? Tyra Bolling or simple known as Tyra B is the artist behind these three hit singles!

I am definitely one of those people who will get in a random mood to listen to an artist and their songs from way back when and if they are somebody who hasn’t been in the media or spotlight in a while, I’ll think to myself, “Hmm…I wonder what they are up,” and sure enough I did that with Tyra B.  I remember landing on her Instagram and just liked she tweeted back in 2014, “straight people be so confused when they find my IG, bless their heart,” I was definitely confused.  It was like, okay, well am I gay now, because my girl, you fine.  Like you fine, fine. LOL. But that was literally it.  I closed the app and never thought about her again.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 9.56.04 PM

Fast forward to two years later in 2018.  Have y’all ever started off on one person’s page and then land on Alison from the UK page? I know I am not the only one, haha.  My line sister shared a post from Topnotchworldd on her IG story and the post was a video.  I wanted to see the video and I had to go to Topnotchworldd IG page in order to watch the video.  Well I was on her page looking at that video which then turned into me creeping down her IG page, looking at other post.  I came up on this one video where she was singing Tyra B’s song Country Boy and Tyra had commented on the video and then I landed on Tyra B page, which eventually led me to some dancers in China’s page.  Anywho, this time around, however, I didn’t just land on Tyra’s page and then click off the page.  I noise browsing her page and realized that she’s still making music, music that I actually fucks with! Her most recent single, I’m Yours came out in 2017 and let me tell y’all, it’s dope af. So dope that, I literally learned the song while I hearing it for the first time.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 9.56.23 PM

I also learned things about her that I never knew before:

She’s a native of Petersburg, VA and is 33 (baby don’t look a day over 25, though).  Back in the day, she was in a contract with a record label that wanted her to be something she wasn’t and didn’t feel comfortable being. Which answers the question of, “Why you a stud now?” It’s actually who she was all along, but of course labels want you to be a certain way because they think it’ll sell more.  She got out of that label because she wanted to write what she wanted and wear the clothes she wanted.  She got her bachelors in music business from Full Sail University and is currently living her best life.

She had a mixtape that came out back in 2013 called the Morning After and let me tell y’all something.  THIS MIXTAPE IS MY MOTHERFREAKING ISH!!!!! Lol, the first two songs on the album, The Greatest Sex and Sex. Baby, I said Tyra trying to start something and the mixtape just started.

“My gayness made headlines this morning, lol. For the record, this isn’t a “new lifestyle.” I’ve been openly gay since I was 16, but unfortunately the music industry puts restraints and limitations on being yourself, but I plan to be aprt of bringing change to that. 🙂 Peace to MediaTakeOut.com for the postive post.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 10.57.39 PM

I think this message was so important for her to write and for her fans to read.  When you think about it, she first came out as this girly girl and her songs where as if she was talking to men. She took this long break and come back around as a stud, so of course to people who don’t know her personally, it does come off as a new lifestyle.

I think she’s so dope and can’t wait to hear new music, if any, from her.

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