4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other


Pitting Women Against Each Other

The media is notorious for pitting women against each other and I started seeing it more and more on the blogs, especially on Instagram in the comment section. I’ve learned that the media often times make up feuds to stir up and bring more attention their site. One media site often times put two pictures of women who wore the same outfit side by side and ask the question, “Who Wore It Better?”

Elle Woods once said, “We girls need to stick together. We can’t try to look good by making each other look bad.” Elle never made other women look bad instead, she surrounded herself with positive female relationships, while helping out women she loved and we could all take something away from that.


1. It takes away from the actual issues facing women. As women, we face issues such as gender wage gap and a lack of women in higher ranking positions. It was recently found out that Tracee Ellis Ross was getting paid significantly less than her Black-ish co-star Anthony Anderson. If we aren’t paying attention to the actual issues facing women because we’re too focused on putting one another down, how are we going to move forward and get equality?

2.  It causes real and unnecessary drama. If we think about Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, we think about how the media, fans and their labels caused a beef between the two. In the beginning, neither one of them had any issues with each other, but they let so many people get into their ears instead getting together and running things in a male dominant industry.

3. Comparison could be the downfall of the feminist movement. The feminist movement is a campaign for reforms on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, women’s suffrage, sexual harassment, sexual violence, etc. The feminist movement is about fighting for one another, but when we are no longer fighting for each other, but against each other, what is the purpose of the feminist movement? It takes away from its purpose if all we’re doing is putting each other down.

4. It’s better to uplift and help one another. Molly and Issa from Insecure friendship is a breath of fresh air. They motivate each other, uplift and help each other. They may not see eye-to-eye on everything, but at least they give advice on things that they don’t think is right, which is why their friendship work for them, not only on the TV Show but in real life. When you’re uplifting and helping one another, you’re not allowing the media to win, you’re not allow people to pit you against each other.

As Jessica Knoll has said, “I refuse to let this culture define me or define my relationships with other women anymore. I’m going to be the one to define them.”

Let’s celebrate each other before we pit one another against each other.


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