Taking Time Away From Your Desk Throughout the Work Day

taking time away from desk

Throughout the work day, you can become overly stress, your back or neck begins to hurt or your co-workers are irking your nerves.  Here are a few things you can do to take time away from your desk!

Go on a short walk. Take a walk around the building if it’s cold outside, but if it’s nice enough, take around the building a couple of times.  At my company, we have several different buildings in the area, so I’ll take a walk to different buildings and walk around them to get a different view/sight.

Take Your Lunch Break in the Park/Designated Lunch Area Outside. If there is a park nearby your job, go eat lunch over there or eat outside in the designated lunch area. Sometimes, even if you are taking your lunch break in the cafe area, getting out of the building completely is much needed.  You can take a breath of fresh air while outside and clear your mind and thoughts of work.

Regardless of what you do, taking time away from your desk throughout the work day is extremely important! You don’t want to sit there all day and become overly stressed by your work.

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