14 Times This Season that Issa and Molly Were Every Black Girl Friendship


Is it just me or does it feel like Insecure is coming to an end WAY too soon? It’s kind of like episode 1 of this season happened, I blinked and now we’re a week away from the season finale. I kind of want to volunteer myself to be the Chief Ambassador to petition that we either get longer episodes or more than eight episodes a season, because I just can’t deal with this torture.

1. When Issa picked Molly up from the airport and Issa says that Molly is looking like a ‘Brown, crispy M&M’ and then when Molly tells Issa she got her a vacation gift, which turns out to be a jar of sand because it reminded her of ‘her dry ass pussy.’

2. And then when they went to go grab something to eat and they start talking about how they’re trying to do better, be better by leveling up and the conversations turns to Molly wanting Issa to admit that she broke her vase that one time she stayed with her.


3. When Issa ask Molly to ride while she drives her party Lyft and although Molly is reluctant, she agrees to go anyway.

4. That time Flavor Flav was receiving a blueberry facial and Molly voices her concerns over Issa and Daniel’s co-sleeping arrangement, but doesn’t judge to harshly because they still friends after all.


5. Or when Molly came bearing gifts for Issa at her new place for her new job as a Property Manager. An inflatable bed so she doesn’t have to sleep on the floor like a little slave and a bottle of Henny, although Issa no longer has cups because Molly broke them.

6. That time Issa ran all of Molly’s errands for the day so that she could be able to go to Coachella.

7. When Molly points out to Issa she know the reason their plan made a detour to go the black people party during Coachella cause her new love interest was there.


8. OH and when Molly called Nathan from her phone to see if Nathan would pick up because he wasn’t answering any of Issa’s text or calls.


9. When Issa taunts Molly about how she said, “You didn’t have time to date right now and you weren’t checking for Andrew.” And Molly told her to stop quoting my quotes.

10. That time Issa had this crazy idea to sit outside of Andrew’s house and ask Molly to tag alone so Issa could see if Nathan was home and they actually go inside the house.

insecure 2222

11.  When Molly checks in on Issa to make sure she is okay after they’d left Nathan’s place.

12. When Molly spots Nathan with a bouquet of flowers about to step on Issa’s doorstep with excuses after a month of ghosting Issa, but she stops him because he’s not about to fuck up Issa’s birthday.

13. That time Molly surprised Issa for her birthday with a movie screening at the park.


14. Issa and Molly’s argument that happens during what was supposed to be a cute sleepover over Molly’s negativity lately.


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