Boss Women Who Are CEOs/Founders

jaclyn johnson creative and cultivate

First CEO/Founder on the list is Jaclyn Johnson.  Jaclyn is the founder of Create Cultivate and WorkParty!!! I can’t remember how I stumbled across Create Cultivate’s IG, but I am so glad that I did.  If I ever imagined a company that I worked for or mirrored, this is exactly the company I would want to do both after.  I actually want to work for Creative Cultivate as either a Talent Coordinator or a Social Media Coordinator that eventually grows to be a Sr. Communications Manager with the company, so Jaclyn if you by some magical chance read my blog post, hint, HINT.  If only I still lived in Los Angeles, I would have already applied as they currently have a Social Media Coordinator opening. Check out the website at and

jen gotch

Jen Gotch is the CEO of, a lifestyle brand that has clothes, accessories, gifts, stationery and other things! I first found out about after I bought a planner from TJ Maxx!! The planner was adorable and I had thoughts of owning my own stationery company and decided to google the brand to figure out how they run things.  When I landed on the site, I realized it was more than just a planner company.  The planners are super cute, but make sure you buy them when they are in-stock because they do go out-of-stock quite often!

sophia amoruso girlboss

Sophia Amoruso is the CEO/Founder of Girlboss! This has quickly become one of my favorite blogs to go to about career, financial, life, etc. advice for.  They’ve recently started a Google #SmallThanks Starter Kit for small business who are looking to start their own business! Kits haven’t officially started coming out yet, but I am so pumped and excited!!!

morgan debaun blavity

Morgan is the CEO/Founder of Blavity. Blavity is a internet media company created by and for black millennials.  Which I love. This is also another company, I wouldn’t mind work for in their Social Media department!

Jenn Hyman - Rent the Runway

Jenn Hyman is the CEO/Founder of Rent-the-Runway. Rent-the-Runway is an online services company that provides designer dress and accessory rentals.  Going out on the night of the town, but don’t feel like buying an overly expensive dress, this is the company for you! I first learned about them when I was living in LA.  They were getting ready to open a location their and I had applied to the company (Sadly, I did not get it) and I loved everything about what they were doing.  I had never heard of a company that rents designer dresses and accessories!

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