How To Leave a Job on Good Terms


In my professional career, I have quit two jobs. In quitting both of those jobs, I have learned a few things about what to do to leave the job on good terms, especially if later on this is a company you are considering returning to.

Give a two weeks notice.

First and foremost, I want to say that giving a two weeks notice is not a requirement, but a courtesy.  My two jobs that I have quit, I gave them a one week notice, but that is because I had no other choice, otherwise I would have definitely given a two weeks notice.  A proper two weeks notice gives the company a chance to process that they are probably losing an amazing person and to begin the process of finding someone to replace you. I also know that this is also a reason why an employer may not rehire you.

Finish any projects.

If you were involved on any projects, please, please, get them finished.

Stay focused on your work.

Whenever it’s your last days, I know you tend to not care about the company or what happens after you leave, but out of courtesy of those who will be affected, stay focused on your work and continue to do your work effectively and efficiently.

Thank you.

Even if you don’t like your boss, give them a thank you.  Thank them for being there for you and guiding you, during your time with the company.  My most recent job I left, I didn’t get to see my supervisor before I left, but I sent her a quick text to thank her for being an amazing boss and someone that I could honestly talk to about anything. Again, if this is a company you could see yourself working for again in the future, a thank you is a great gesture.

All-in-all, it’s just good to leave a company on good terms.  You never know if you’ll need them as a reference or if you want to go back to the company in the future.  Someone that you worked with or under, may eventually go off to another company that you would like to work, you never know.  Also leave in good gracious.

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