Which Keirsey Personality Type Are You?

keriseypersonalityProfessor David Keirsey divided all of humanity into four key temperamental groups. His personality groups represent key human archetypes found throughout history and his test is the most widely used assessment test in the world. Are you ready to find out which type you are? The four temperament types are artisan, guardian, idealist and rational.  The Keirsey transforms your understanding of people, brings your clarity on who you are,w hat you do, what you love and what difference you make.

You can take the test on keirsey.com, however in order to go in depth about the temperament type you get, you’ll have the pay.  I’m not quite sure, how much as I did not get that far in the process.  I excited out of the website, as soon as I saw they were talking about money.  I then went to http://www.playbuzz.com/josephinemayfield10/which-keirsey-personality-type-are-you, where it’s not only free, but the results are free as well.  However, I am 100% sure that this test does not go that in depth as the official website.

With that being said, I took the test on both sites, and both times I got the results of an Idealist and I wholeheartedly agree with these results.

An idealist is abstract and compassionate day dreamers, activists, writers, diplomats, counselors and healers.  I am an EXTREME day dreamer! I day dream A LOT, whether I am at work, at the gym, doing homework or at home.  I come up with the craziest scenarios in my head and I just run with it, day dreaming about the what ifs. I am very much a diplomat.  According to the 16personalities.com, a diplomat is the INFP (I normally get INFJ or INFJ-P when I take these test) and they can be calm, reserved or even shy, but have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine.  This is definitely me.  I am definitely calm and shy and have an inner flame and passion, that will shine out when I am talking about something I truly enjoy!!!

Idealist are deeply emotional and abstract thinkers. Cooperative and communitarianism.  We long for deep and meaningful relationships! Yes, I guess this is why I appreciate all of my friendships and try to hold on to them.  I have always felt as if, a relationship ended, it was because it ran its course and your purpose has been fulfilled, whatever it was. And this is probably why I am single and will always be.  I don’t want to be involved in anything that is meaningful or deep anymore. I want something real and something that will last.

We often contemplate how to help the common good.  While I may not take any action necessarily, I do however often think about what I can do to help people out or do something for the greater good of the community and world.

You’re easy going until someone challenges you, at which you can be the fiercest of opponents.  Nothing and I mean nothing, has ever resonated with me before as much as this statement.  I am literally the nicest person and easiest person to get along with, until you do something to mess me over. I put the capital p in petty.  I can be very, very cold.

Last but not least, we have great depth of empathy for those around us.  I truly do have great empathy for those around me.  This is why I love deep and meaningful relationships. This is probably why when I fall for someone, I fall hard.

What’s your Keirsey personality type? Do you think your type is true?

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