My Boss Works in a Different City & State than Me


Yes. That’s right, my current boss and my bosses from previous jobs have worked in different cities and states than me.  I also think it’s a good thing that they do. My first job big girl job in LA was at Nestle.  I went through two bosses while at LA.  My first boss, worked remotely out of Connecticut and my second boss worked remotely, but was located in LA.

When I first realized that, my boss was on the opposite side of the world from me, I thought that was odd.  I mean why not just hire someone in the same city, right? Well it didn’t matter because others on the team, were located in Solon, OH or worked remotely in PA, so it was almost inevitable that even if we did have a boss on site, he or she would be doing a lot of traveling to OH for those on the team that sat there.  I also began to realize that, not having a boss that worked on site, is a normal and okay thing.

My second big girl job in LA, I went through two bosses there as well.  I sat at our Downtown LA location and they both sat at our Irvine, CA location.  The two locations were about an hour or so apart.

It wasn’t until I moved back to TN and my job that I had, my boss sat on site, that I realized I preferred a job where my boss didn’t sit at the same location as me and here’s why.

I felt a sense of independence.  Although my boss was only a phone call or Skype message away, I felt as if I was doing everything on my own and that I had to take initiative and figure things out on my own, because my boss wasn’t always readily available.

No micromanagement. When your boss is at a different location, you don’t have to deal with micromanagement or someone breathing down your back about what you are or are not doing, although even when my bosses were onsite, none of them micromanaged me.

It allows your boss to put trust and faith in you. Because your boss isn’t sitting in the same location as you, it allows them to trust and have faith that you not only will do the work that they gave you, but you will do it with no problems.  If you do have problems, they have trust that you will reach out to them for any questions at all!

You get to travel. I personally didn’t get a chance to travel in my past roles, it was more so of my bosses traveling, because it was only one of them, but I do think sometimes it do allow for you to travel, especially if it’s only one of you at your site and everybody sits at another site.

All-in-all, I personally prefer a boss that sits at a different location.  I cannot stand micromanagement, I mean sometimes I like to slack off, get lost on Twitter and Instagram for about an hour and I don’t want to have to worry about whether or not my boss will catch me that ONE time during the day that I am slacking, I like to feel empowered and like I am working for myself, although I am not. I recently accepted another job where my boss sits in a completely different location than myself.  I sit in TN and she sits in MD.  Honestly, you never know if you will get a job where the boss sits in a different location until you’re in the interview process, but that should never discourage you from taking a job!

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