The Best Job Apps to Use for Your Next Job Search

This is probably the app that I use the most and I absolutely love it. Indeed launched in November of 2004 and as of October 2010, passed to become the highest-traffic job website in the United States.  The thing I like about Indeed over Monster, is that once I create a profile on Indeed, I don’t have a million and one random people from different sales company trying to get me to become a sales/insurance person because they saw my resume and thought I would be a great fit.  On indeed, you can apply directly to jobs on Indeed and post your resume.  They also have salary search, job competition index, website forms, recommended job, job trends, etc.


I personally do not use Glassdoor to necessarily search for jobs, but they are a good job search source.  Glassdoor are also very consistent with sending out job whenever you sign up for job alerts on the site.  While I do not typically use Glassdoor for jobs, I do Glassdoor for salary search, especially in the area that I am currently applying to a job too, I also use the app for reviews of the company and interviews that one may have had with the company for the position that I am applying for.  I think Glassdoor does a really good job with that.

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn has a lot of jobs that aren’t on Indeed or on Glassdoor.  Just like Indeed, LinkedIn allows you to apply directly to jobs on the app.  LinkedIn jobs will let you know if you are in the top 25% of job applicants for a job, whether or not you have the experience required for the job you are looking to apply to, the job poster LinkedIn profile, etc. I also like using LinkedIn because it allows me to look up other people at the company I am currently looking at a job posting and I try to see what their previous experience was to see if I would be a good candidate for the position with my previous experience.


Monster is probably one of my least favorite job search apps.  The reason I say this is because the minute I put my resume up, my spam, inbox and phone gets BLOWN up by people who are trying to recruit me for sales positions, HOWEVER, if a job in sales, specifically insurance and/or finance, this is the PERFECT job board for you.

Career Builder

Career Builder is another app I use the least.  I don’t feel like a lot of companies use this job board to post their jobs, however I do feel as though the job board has a lot of hidden jobs that you would only find on Career Builder.


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