So, What Does A Talent Acquisition Coordinator *Actually* Do?

What are the duties of a TA Coordinator?

The duties of a TA Coordinator are, in my opinion, similarly to an Administrative Assistant. We partner with Recruiters at the company, and about 85-90% of what we do is schedule interviews for external and internal candidates (calendar management), handle logistics of interviews, booking conference rooms, creating interview agendas, making sure candidates are on the security check-in list, ordering food if necessary, handling the background and drug test activity for candidates and over being the face of the company, as we are the people that a candidate is interacting with up to on boarding!!

Who is this job ideally for/not for?

The job is ideally for someone who is organized, knows how to prioritize, wants to become a recruiter, doesn’t mind being an assistant to a recruiter, knows how to communicate with people of all levels in a company, knows how to get things done and how to find alternatives in a situation where something goes wrong.  This job is not for someone who doesn’t know how to be organized or how to prioritize things.  This job isn’t for someone who is looking for an ‘easy’ job, who doesn’t like repetitive work, etc.

What’s a typical day like for a talent acquisition coordinator?

A typical day for a talent acquisition coordinator consist of coordinating the interview process for external and internal candidates.  You come in to work for the day and you’ll have an interview schedule request from your recruiter.  Your next step is to reach out to the candidate to get their availability for the next two weeks and the interview panels availability for the next two weeks.  Once you have everyone’s availability, it’s a big puzzle piece of trying to get an interview agenda together.  You’re booking conference rooms, putting the candidate on the security list, getting lunch for any candidates who will be interviewing for a long period of time, etc.  You may also have an offer request from your recruiter.  The recruiter will give you the basic information (salary, location, start date, bonuses (if any), etc.) and you plug that information into the applicant tracking system and send it out for approvals.  Once it’s approved, you send the offer letter to the candidate, unless of course, the hiring manager wants to be the one to send the offer letter.  Putting together on-boarding packaged for the candidate and mailing it out.  You may be handling reimbursements for candidates who have spent their own money on food or gas.  On days that candidates have onsite interviews, you could also be escorting the candidates to their interviews.

What are the usual job requirements?

Any type of HR/Talent Acquisition experience.  Probably administrative experience as well.  Before I got into the field of Talent Acquisition, I only had experience as an Admissions Representative and Career Coach (However, don’t be like me, but I believe I put I experience doing recruitment in undergrad, which I didn’t)

What’s the average salary like?

Depends on the company and where you stay.  In Nashville, the pay can be as low at $15/hr and up to $53,000.  While in Los Angeles, the highest I have seen was about $70,000 for the job title.  In Memphis, I’ve seen some as low as $10 and some as high up $67,000.  It really depends on your experience, location and what you are willing to take for the position.

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