Top 4 Apps to Use When Searching for a New Home

Remember going to the grocery store and picking up those Real Estate magazines that showed you homes in your local area? That’s no longer a thing anymore as mobile apps and online real estate is becoming prominent.  Check out some of the most popular and useful tools to use when searching for your next house.


Trulia have three different apps.  Trulia Real Estate for Homes for Sale & Rent, Trulia Rentals for Homes & Apartments for Rent and Trulia Mortgage for Rates & Home Loan Calculators.  Trulia is a personal favorite and I have always used Trulia when looking for an apartment, especially when I was getting ready to move to Los Angeles, a place I had never been and didn’t know anything about.  I love that it shows the crime rates in that area and it even gives you any crimes that have been reported near the area, they give you the schools in the area, shops and eats and you can even calculate the commute from your home to your job, the gym, local grocery shops or wherever you would go to on a daily basis.  It allows you to do everything in app as opposed to having to use a lot of other websites or apps to look all of those things up. The app also looks exactly like the website, but of course, its mobile friendly and I truly admire that in an app that also has a website.


Zillow also has a couple of different apps.  Zillow Real Estate & Rentals for Homes for Sale & for Rent and Zillow Rentals for Apartments & Homes for Rent.  Zillow is the most downloaded real estate-related app for both Apple and Android phones.  The app, like Trulia looks exactly like the website.  I personally never use the interactive map, because I prefer a list, but Zillow offers an Interactive Map were it displays different neighborhoods and areas of the city you’re interested and red dotes that show were homes are available.  Zillow also allows a draw feature.  Basically when you hit the draw button, it will give you a marker to draw around the area that you want the Interactive Map to be on and show you all the homes in that area.  Unfortunately, the only thing Zillow shoes you is nearby schools. Real Estate offers the ability to search for homes by school and district.  What stood out to me the most about this app is that it offers a News section about news and insights on real estate, interior decorating, etc. app also offers a “Sign Snap” options.  Basically what you do is take a picture of a real estate sign and you’ll be able to get the home details.


Redfin is an app that is aimed at redefining the real estate industry.  When you click on a home that you’re interested in, they give you a button that says schedule tour with the next available date and time.  When you click on that button, if the time they showed doesn’t work for you, you can choose another date and time that works better for you.  You can choose to be guided by a Redfin Agent or go into the home by yourself.

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