5 Black Web Series to Watch

  1. Giants: The Series. A series about a coming of adulthood drama that follows the lives of three black millennial each battling their own inner giants as they approach age thirty.
  2. Dumped. When Mya unexpectedly gets dumped by Mike, she falls into a downward spiral that leads her to edge of her imagination and pushes her into a world she never knew existed.
  3. Leimert Park. Is about gentrification and Black friendship.  The web series centers around three friends sharing a house in South LA’s Leimert Park, a once before black neighborhood, as they navigate the space of self-love and shamelessly fulfilling their sexual desires in an environment that is changing slowly, but surely.
  4. Makeup x Breakup. Brooke blindslides Blake and ends their two year relationship leaving Blake to jump back into the New York data scene, instantly finding a new love interest and regaining his confidence.  But as soon as things gets serious, Brooke comes back to claim what was once hers.  Blake now finds himself stuck between a rock and hard place.
  5. Professional Black Girl. A webseries that celebrates everyday Black Girl culture covering topics like hairstyles and hair care, personal fashion and style, the show celebrates the simple joys of being a Black Girl.

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