9 Ways to Handle a Slow Day at Work

We all have those days at work, where we are completely bored and have nothing to do because we’ve completed our work for the day.  Well, I tend to have them on a daily basis.  I come in at 7:00am and by 9:30am, I have absolutely completed every “Suggested Daily Task” possible and have learned how to use my time wisely.

Work on a side hustle.  Whatever your side hustle is, whether it’s a business doing meal prepping, creating shirts or blogging, work on that.  A lot of times we’re too tired after work to even do our side hustle, so why not make use of the down time at work to do this.

Listen to podcasts/audiobook. YES! This will definitely make the day go by a little faster. Most podcasts drop their new episodes the morning of whatever day of the week it is that they release a new episode.  My favorite podcasts are: Small Doses, Crime Junkie, 2 Dope Queens, The Read, The Friend Zone, Yes, Girl!, and The Breakfast Club.  I’ve never listened to audiobooks, however I believe this is also a good alternative to a podcast.

Update Resume/LinkedIn. Updating your resume and Linkedin is definitely a good way to make use of your time when you have nothing else to do. I’m probably on LinkedIn more than what I should be throughout the workday. But if you haven’t updated your resume and/or LinkedIn with your current job, now is the time.  If you don’t have a LinkedIn, now would be the perfect time to get one and start networking.

Track Accomplishments. At work I do a lot of things that I feel like that don’t get acknowledged.  Mainly because I am not like other co-workers or co-worker, who likes to brag to the boss what they have or have not done.

Network. At my old job at Nestle USA, there was a HR Manager who was a black woman and I admired so much.  I thought she was the bomb, she walked around with confidence and she was in a management role, a role that I eventually want to be in someday.  She was also the HR Business Partner that I worked with quite a bit.  I always said that I would send her an e-mail or just put an appointment on her calendar for us to meet and talk, but I never did and I regret it.  So, in your down time, network with those in leadership position or in positions that you want to be in someday.  Get to know them on a professional and personal level, allow them to become your mentor so that they can help you in many ways than not.

Evaluate your goals and intentions. What do you want to do in your future career? Eventually I want to be a Director of Talent Acquisition and/or VP, Talent Acquisition, but before I get there, there are steps I have to take.  I have to become a Talent Acquisition Specialist, then Talent Acquisition Partner, then Talent Acquisition Manager, etc.  I always look at Talent Acquisition Specialist jobs and their job responsibilities and see how I can tie that into my current job so that when I go to apply to that TA Specialist role, I’ll have the experience on my resume.

Learn. Learn new things.  Learn how a process work at your job that you haven’t used yet, cross-train in another department that you may have an interest in, read some news article or articles that are shared often on LinkedIn.  Learn something new.

Improve a process. This is very important if you’re trying to move ahead in the company.  It let’s the leadership team know that you are invested in the company, you work diligently and use your free time wisely.  This is also important as you may notice a process that could be improved and others may feel the same way, but they don’t know how to improve it or are afraid to speak, so if you do it, you can be the voice of everyone.

Catch up/get ahead. You’ve done all your task that’s due for the day, how about you get a head and start working on things that are due tomorrow or the next day? Or if you are behind on something, work on that.

Regardless there is always something you could be doing in order to occupy your time at work.

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