8 Things to Do in the Morning to Have a More Productive Day

8 things to do

1. Get Up Early When you get up earlier than normal, about 2 hours earlier, you’ll feel more refreshed.  Not only will you feel more refreshed, but you can get a lot more done.  Cook that breakfast that you’ve never had time to cook before work, put a load of clothes in the washer, read that book you never have time to read or do some homework.

2.  Work Out. If you’re anything like me, waking up early to work out sounds sooooooo sad, lol.  I prefer working out in the evenings after work, however I have worked out before work before and you have SO much free time after you’re done for the day.  You can finish that load of clothes you put in the washer that morning from getting up early, you can cook dinner, do homework, scratch some things off of your to-do list, etc.

3. Read the News. I’ll admit, this is something that I am extremely bad at. I usually use Twitter as my source for News, but I should probably download a News app (I don’t have cable to actually watch the news).  It’s very important to know what’s going on in the world, as it almost always directly affects you and it’s also good to be able to keep up and have an opinion when the topic of conversation is brought up with co-workers, friends or even strangers.

4. Meditate. A great way to refocus, destress, and have a clear mind to begin and conquer the day.

5. Eat Breakfast. I don’t know about you guys but when I don’t eat breakfast in the morning, I’m always ready to crash by like 12pm.  However, if you don’t have the time to cook breakfast because you don’t want to wake up 2 hours early, you can always meal prep breakfast.  Meal prep breakfast? Strange right? HAHA, I found a meal prep breakfast online once and I thought it was a pretty good meal: potatoes, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and shredded cheese! However, I wouldn’t meal prep my breakfast for the week, maybe two days at a time.

6. Make Your Bed. Duh, right? I don’t make my bed everyday, but when I do it’s like something I’ve accomplished off of my to-do list.  It also reassures me to not get back into the bed and that I must begin my day, lol.

7. Don’t Check Social Media/E-mail.  First thing you do when you wake up is check IG and Twitter. You start off on a person you actually know page and then BAM, two hours later you’re deep onto someone you have never met and probably will never meet pages.  Same with e-mail.  You check your e-mail and you get frustrated by something or intrigued by an e-mail and now you’re completely off track.  Avoid checking your phone altogether so that you can get thing done.

8. Do something that’s on your vision board. You’re trying to get into graduate school? Study some pages from the GRE/GMAT book or write that personal statement.  Your goal is read so many books in the new year? Read a chapter or two from your current book.  Your goal is to lose weight? Work-out.  Your goal is to spend more time with family and friends? Plan a breakfast date in the morning with them.

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