Beauty Product of the Week

beauty product 3

You guys know I’m a sucker for oils.  I have a TON of oils that I’ve bought recently.  I remember listening to the Friend Zone and Fran talked about how Peppermint Oil could help you poop when you’re on the toilet.  Drop a couple of drops in the toilet and watch the poop flow out and babyyyyyyy, it works. However, I recently bought something else from Provence Beauty.  Hydrating Body Oil | Amaranth Scent.  I absolutely love it, it’s amazing and it makes me feel so much better at night, which is when I mainly use.  I use all over my body, but mainly on my face. I looked up Provence Beauty and they don’t have a website, but their products are on a website known as, however I got mine from TJ Maxx as usual for only $5.99!

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