Top 10 Songs of the Week


Because I want all my readers to branch outside of the norm of what they usually listen to, the music I have for this week is different.  Different than the norm, but good music nonetheless.

  1. Sango ft. Xavier Omar – How Do You Love Me
  2. Nai Palm – Molasses
  3. Jesse Boykins III – B4 The Night Is Thru
  4. Little Dragon – Cat Rider
  5. J*DaVeY – No More
  6. Iman Omari – Energy
  7. Sango – Agorinha
  8. SiR – The Perfect Remedy
  9. Chris Turner – LiquidLOVE
  10. Xavier Omar – Lost in Nostalgia

And shoutout to HeyFranHey! She’s the person who has put on to so many new artists and music! Until she uploaded her playlist on Spotify, I had never heard of Ro James, Xavier Omar, Ari Lennox, Jesse Boykins III, Maxine Ashley and Anderson .Paak.. some of the new, “underdog” artists that I LOVE.

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