3 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

  1. On My Block.  This is a show about five teenagers, mostly made up of African-American and Hispanic heritage, who are getting ready to start their freshmen year of high school, who goes through triumph, pain and newness along the way.  They confront the challenges of adolescence and life in their neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles. I personally loved the show, some things were expected and unexpected and I was literally yelling at the TV on somethings! I recommend you guys go and watch this show.
  2. Seven Seconds.  “When 15-ear old black cyclist Brenton Butler dies in a hit-and-run accident, with a white police officer behind the wheel of the vehicle, Jersey City explodes with racial tension.” The shows explores the aftermath of the accident, the corruption within the police force and a volatile trail.  I shed tears, angry and happiness all while watching this show.
  3. Everything Sucks. Based in the 1990s in Boring, Oregon, a group of outcast in Boring High School’s AV and drama clubs are trying to brave the ups and downs of teenage life in a simpler world without smartphones and other 21st century technology.

Happy Binge Watching!


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