Woman Crush Wednesday

This week’s Woman Crush Wednesday is Tracee Ellis Ross.  However, Tracee isn’t just a crush for me, she’s an inspiration.  Eclectic, comfortable, and bold are three words she used to describe herself in the 72 Questions with Vogue video and while Tracee is most definitely all of those things, I see a woman who is intelligent, beautiful, talented and inspiring…someone I aspire to be like someday.  She’s an actress, comedian, rapper, fashionista and the big sister I never knew I needed.  Recently, she gave a powerful speech at the Glamour’s 2017 Woman of the Year Summit. In her speech, she says the following,

“When we put ourselves first by doing things like saying no, speaking up, sleeping with who we want, eating what our bodies intuitively tells us to eat, wearing training bras instead of push up bras, posting a picture without using facetune..we are condemned for thinking for ourselves and being ourselves, for owning our experiences, our bodies and our lives.  That kind of stuff is seen as threatening and scary and it’s certainly not what the patriarchy had in mind.  Join me for a moment and imagine: What would it be like for women to completely own our own power, to have agency over our own glory and our sexuality, not in order to create a product or to sell it, or to feel worthy of love, or use it as a tool for safety, but instead as a WAY OF BEING? Imagine that..truly owning out own power, agency, and sexuality.”

Ross, a 45 year old woman without a husband or children, is everything I look up too.  Only recently have I become comfortable with not getting married or having children.  It’s no longer a fear of mine that I may not have a husband or have kids to love me unconditionally, but that’s okay because like Ross who mentions in her speech, “I’ve become a woman that I am very proud to be,” I someday want to become a woman that I am very proud to be.

Who is your style icon? The interviewer from the 72 Questions with Vogue asks Tracee. “Me in 17 years, I’m very hopeful,” she replies and quite honestly, Tracee is my style icon now.  I mean, she slays so effortless in every outfit that her stylist, Karla Welch, Hollywood’s hottest stylist who literally was a wine steward right before, read her story here.



I mean do you guys see this woman? Eff-fort-less slay.  I really want to get my hands on her and become her wardrobe stylist some day.  That’s honestly one of my lifetime goals.  Later in the post, I’ve included a look book of things I feel are her style and would love to see her in. She is openly independent, always sends positive vibes and portrays a strong Black woman in her TV roles.  She is unapologetically herself and I love her for it.


She also has a website, traceeellisross.com that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.  She talks hair, beauty, health, style, food and overall highlights of Tracee.

Here is the lookbook of styles I’ve come up with for Tracee if I were to become her stylist some magical way:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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