Woman Crush Wednesday

Anaya at All Star NBA Weekend

Anaya at New York Fashion Week 2K18

Anaya in LA for NAACP weekend


This weeks Woman Crush Wednesday is none other than Anaya Roderick. I started following when Vine was hawt and pawpin.  I don’t remember exactly how I came across her Vines, but I do remember when I first saw her I thought she was so gorgeous and so REAL about the things she talked about.  A lot of her Vines consisted of her lip-singing, actually singing (and which she can sang), showing off her outfits or just talking about real shit which all made me a follower of hers.  I also always loved her outfits (I remember screenshooting all of them for inspiration).  Anaya has come a long way with her brand.  She was only selling clothes when I started following her and now in addition to clothes, she sells accessories, lashes and hair!

Anaya is also my WCW and someone that I admire because she’s a wardrobe stylist.  A wardrobe stylist is a HIGH interest of mine and a career path I am looking forward to starting.  I’ve been following her for a while to see how she made in the business and I need sis to come up with a tutorial workbook or something, I’d absolutely buy it on how she got her business started and kept it thriving so many years later.

Y’all can follow her social medias:

IG: theanayal8ter

Twitter: AnayaRoderick

YouTube: Anaya Roderick

website: shopnayavista.com

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