Day 1 of Self Love Challenge


For me, I have this idea of what I am supposed to be.  I want to have long hair, be a size 2, have smaller boobs, curves, etc.  and because I don’t have that, my confidence lacks sometimes.  I also care TOO much about what think of me.  Are they laughing at me? Do they think what I am doing is stupid?

The fact that I don’t have a boyfriend and have almost never had, is where I struggle with loving myself as well.  I’m always thinking, is it because I am ugly? A giant? What is about myself that a guy doesn’t seek interest in me or only want one thing from me?

While writing this post, I wrote the words “I think” a lot before I made a statement (Which of course, I eventually deleted) and it made it seem as if I am not sure of myself and that I lack of a lot of confidence when it comes to my answers and answering things.

Now it’s your turn, What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself? Leave your response in the comment section or e-mail it to


Jas ❤

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