“Oh that’s what we doing?

We being childish, my nigga?

We just pointing and clicking and not talking my nigga?

You fixed your pussy ass finger to really block me my nigga?

Like you Mutombo, my nigga?

Like you don’t know me, my nigga?

5 years by your side and I’m just a button, my nigga?

You wanna push me, my nigga?

You wanna push me, my nigga?”

Y’all remember the episode of Insecure where Issa found out not only did Lawrence unfriend her on Facebook, but he blocked her? She went into the bathroom and came up with this incredible rap! You wanna push me, my nigga?

Has it ever gotten to the point in the end of your relationship with someone that you had to block them via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or phone?

I remember my last semester in college, I started talking to this who had a insanely crazy ex-gf who had beef with me, well herself, because I never and still don’t beef with people.  Anyway, she had the password to his Instagram account and she would block me from his page, when I told him about it, he would unblock me, but the next day or two, she would go back in and block me again.  Finally, I made him change his password so the crazy girl couldn’t have it and he unblocked me!  LOL, she eventually blocked me from all of her social media sites as well and probably still has me blocked me, LMFAO.

I personally, think it’s doing a bit too much when you go out of your way to block someone on social media.  It’s NEVER that serious.  If you go out your way to block someone, to me, it feels like the person you blocked has that much power over you, that you feel so threatened to block them. LOLOLOL.  Okay, I get it.  You don’t want to follow me on social media anymore, fine.  Unfollow, but to go and block me? That’s doing WAY TOO much.  The only time I’ve blocked someone is a person who kept following me on Instagram and once I followed them back, they’d unfollow me and once I realized they unfollowed me, I unfollowed them.  And it was repeating cycle and I got annoyed by it, so I just blocked their page! Outside of that, I have never blocked anyone, not even an ex or old situation.  I WANT you to see my successful and MFing glow up.

However, I think it’s different when you’re blocking someone’s phone number.  In November, I blocked three guys who were from the past number.  I wanted to go into the new year with no old baggage and actually with no guy who wasn’t serious about me in my life.  Sometimes, you niggas don’t get the hint when a woman no longer wants to talk to you, even when she verbally and explicitly says that she doesn’t want to talk to you anymore, and you consistently hit her up and she has to resort to blocking the fucking number.  Now, I do know there are a lot of people who don’t block numbers and have their read receipts on, because they want you to know that you can text them at anytime, however you will not get a response from them.  I just know me, and that sometimes I tend to have a soft spot and will reply.  I rather just block the number and not have to deal with.

All-in-all, I think blocking is dumb and if you don’t want to see someone, to unfollow and if you don’t want someone texting you, tell them.  But for me, I am going to keep blocking niggas and they number. 🙂


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