4 Crime Storytelling Podcast to Listen Too

Mysterious Radio.  This radio is full of conspiracies. (There’s not many episodes on this podcast) And I am a sucker for conspiracy theories!

Wine & Crime.  I’ll be honest about this one.  I couldn’t really get into it, but basically, there are three women who talk about crimes over wine!

Unsolved Murders: The Crime Stories.  Now this one, I loved! I did however fall asleep while listening to it, but I listened to about three full shows before falling asleep! The only thing I don’t like is that each podcast is about 30 minutes long and they wait a week before they release the second part of whatever story that they’re telling, when they could probably just do an hour long show.

Serial Killers.  Although I was at work while listening to this one, I had to cut it off.  It got a little too surreal for me and it spooked me out.



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